Sisqo "A-List" Ft Waka Flocka Flame

We were introduced to Sisqo's gritty soulful vocals in the late 90s with the emergence of R&B group Dru Hill. Don't call it a comeback!! Sisqo has a new release, an auto-tuned club track featuring Waka Flocka Flame called "A-List". It’s catchy and upbeat. It has a different feel to it than his classic "Thong Song." It's more like a Trey Songz "Na Na" etc record. It definitely could become a club banger. It has a good party feel to it, but most R&B fans and Sisqo fans (myself included) always want to hear Sisqo's uniquely soulful vocals at all times. LOL.

Take a listen below.

The video for "A-List" is on the way as well. Check out the teaser below.

Also if you are feeling nostalgic we got you covered with old Dru Hill and Sisqo classics below.

Photo by Liz Ramanand, The Boombox