Skeeta: Houston's New Rookie Is Taking Over The Streets

AllHipHop Staff

Houston rapper Skeeta has a buzz and now he plans to break out in 2019.

By: Jermaine Broadnax (@therealblackhistorian)

If you haven’t heard about hood superstar Skeeta, he is the best rookie rhapsodist to come out of Southwest Houston in the last 20 years.

After being shot 7 times, conversing with GOD and appreciating his second chance at life, Skeeta wants to motivate and empower the world with his music.

With a prodigious message the streets can relate to, his second album No Bullshit is one of the coldest mixtapes to come out in 2018.

The concept of the album title “No Bullshit” comes from a term that Skeet help popularize in Houston.

It’s a mixtape that was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, during the month of September 2018. Skeeta said “It took me 3 studio sessions to complete the album.”

Dropping proverbs through verses, Skeeta has turned his street talk into spirit music, proclaiming his style as a preacher on a beat. Promoting a message of being a hustler and not a customer.

Skeeta said: “I want to change the world musically because music controls the streets.”

His Iyrics can be described as witty, eerie and potent, blended with dark trap music, that draws comparisons to Geto Boys.

When asked to describe his new album Skeeta says: “The album represents the truth that comes from my heart and soul. I want to talk about the streets so the youth don’t have to go through what I went through.”

The beats on the album are energetic and heavy, an example is one of the deepest tracks on the album called “Tears.”

The stunning energy from the track will inspire anyone from a prisoner serving life to stay up, to motivating drug dealers to get out the game.

Skeeta said, “After meeting DJ Chose, I made the song in 30 minutes."

The nine tracks on the album are just like the nine planets in the solar system. They all have different themes, but they all bang.

A track like “Hotboy” is the kind of song you would play on a good summer day. Riding down the strip, with all your homies in the whip, bobbing their heads.

When you combine the essence of the eighties & nineties street culture and combine it with a 2018 vibe, you get tracks like “Hood & Slum.” Using incredible melodies that are well-written and catchy.

Surprising any doubters, Skeeta is proving trap music still lives. His song “Back to Trappin” operates over an energetic beat, that uses piano, strings, mixed with the coldest Houston lyrics ever heard in over a decade.

On this song, Skeeta shows the versatility in his lyricism rapping over a beat that Pimp C would be proud of.

Being able to tell his life story of 25 years, Skeet wants his music to help troubled teenage men to graduate from high school. Skeeta has a superpower, that mumble rappers & studio rappers don’t have. His authentic aura has the ability to reach the hardest of men, and encourage them to do the right thing.

When asked what does he want to accomplish with his music he says “I want to change the outlook on the way kids think, not just black kids, but Latinos, whites and all races.”

Skeeta was discovered and signed by Big Block, the CEO of BLOCK ENT. The same company that introduced the world to “Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ciara, Jacquees, Boyz in the Hood, Yung Joc, & Gorilla Zoe”, all of whom enjoyed top Billboard success. Look for Big Block Entertainment to stay consistent with their ability to find talent & turn them into superstars.