Skillz: Design Of A Decade Volume 1(Mixtape)

Covering a decade of music certainly has a heavy weight latched behind it. The Hip-Hop golden era of the nineties may have the heaviest weight behind it. Virginia MC Veteran Skillz certainly has the chops to handle it, as he sports a career that has spanned both on and off the mic as a performer and ghost writer, working with the likes of P. Diddy and more. 

Skillz hopes to emulate the power of nostalgia with his new mixtape Design Of A Decade. Hosted by J Period and Don Cannon, this collection provides as a nice appetizer to Skillz’ long awaited studio album The Million Dollar Back Pack slated for July.

Its apparent Skillz has picked his beats carefully, and one can easily tell with the selections on this mixtape. For anyone expecting current tracks or some of the biggest mainstream hits, prepare to be surprised. Skillz hammers that with his “Intro” where he speaks behind a montage of beats that will bring any Hip-Hop head back.

From there, you are a passenger beside Skillz going down his favorite 90’s hits. On the appropriately titled “L.I.K.W.I.T.,” the million dollar backpacker breezes through The Liks’ “Make Room.” On “F.P” Skillz links up with Phonte of Little Brother and Lil Roc to give Organized Konfusion’s classic Fudge Pudge a new twist. “G.U.G.O” revisits Outkast’s criminally slept on “Git Up Git Out;” where the essence of the era is nicely matched with Skillz’ wit with assistance from newcomer Wax.

There are tracks such as “G&G” and “B.O.B” which don’t display Skillz at his best, and instead sound dated, however it is refreshing that Design Of A Decade takes a look back at this important time period. A mixtape project such as this lends itself to huge expectations, and even with its darkest moments, Design Of A Decade succeeds. For those who cherished this golden age, this should be a panacea for what ails you.



Skillz Featuring Phonte and Lil Roc