Skillz: F The DJ?

On his Okay to the Player blog, Skillz goes in on Weezy's not so friendly rant against DJs. Read his rationale on why he would never bite the hands that help feed him. (This editorial has not been edited by in any way [well , we did censor those curse words and make paragraphs...])“Iiight so f**k the dj? For real? Wow! First lemme say I dont get alot of radio/club play, sometimes my record dont apply & I can understand that but I dont care if I had no spins on my record I would never say f**k a dj. No DJ at all, I wouldnt say f**k a DJ that I dont know!! lol It just baffles me how the hottest artist out right now can say F**k the dj's!! Where would he be without the DJ tho? Real talk, I hear Wayne records and its always a dj playing it. Be it on the radio, in the club or on a cd. If you hot then DJ's gon f**k with you but they are part of the reason you hot, its a tag team kinda combo. You rap on everyone's song (whether they want you to or not) you jump on cats songs and send em out to the world, wouldn't you want someone to think its hot enuf to play? So then I heard him on Drama and he said " F**k them dj's"! N****s takin my music and puttin out CD's that aint official. N***a? You rapped on 70 songs that wasn't official! Alot of these DJ's are branding you. They making you hot! If a kid grabs a LIL Wayne cd from the barbershop he bought that for some new Wayne s**t, If I asked him what CD I got he's gon say Wayne, not DJ (insert name here) presents Wayne! Im sure when DJ's heard Lollipop they was like " man Wayne on some other s**t, Ima play this other Wayne joint." But you gave them the option, you rapped on everything. Its crazy how cats do DJ's after they get to the point that they want to get to. No single, I been rapping over everyone else's s**t for more than a year , I even book shows and do mixtape songs for over a year and right before my album drops its F**K THE DJ??!?! You said it aint about the money so why would you care if they make a little change on a mixtape or attempt to keep thier name up by formatting and sequencing some of the music that you put out for FREE?? Some of these cats work at a radio station and clock in for two hours a day if that! They gotta hustle( clubs, weddings, parties, mx cds) just like you for the bread but now its f**k them? I'd go rap at a DJ's daughter's 8th birthday party ( and do drops) to make sure I'm in good standing with him/her, cuz as long as I make records Im always going to need them. Even when he called in to clear the s**t up he still didnt really. Wow..yall made him the hottest rapper out and he said f**k yall & then said f**k yall again? See how these cats do you? Yall really need to support the artists that support you. Yall have the power to change this s**t. A dj could look me in my face and say he doesnt have 1 Skillz record in his Serato & I wouldnt say f**k him! Im scared of what would happen to my career if I did that. How can you make rap music and say f**k the dj and have a career, thats what I wanna know.” SKILLZ new album, THE MILLION DOLLAR BACKPACK, in stores 7/8/ Design of a Decade, Vol. 1 Review[Skillz "Crazy World"][Skillz f/ Freeway "Don't Act Like You Don't Know"]