Skyzoo: Corner Store Classic [Mixtape]

Brooklyn MC Skyzoo returns with an anticipated follow-up to his 9th Wonder-assisted Cloud 9: Three Day High album. Although he’s gained a significant following due to his online presence (his affiliation with 9th and the Justus League doesn’t hurt either), the Corner Store Classic mixtape is the appropriate reintroduction to Skyzoo for those unfamiliar with the self-proclaimed “intelligent fly guy.”Endorsed by Cleveland’s own Mick Boogie and KaySlay the Drama King (street cred-check), the Corner Store Classic mixtape has something for everyone. While most will dismiss Sky as another arrogant NYC youngster ready to snatch the crown back, recognize that he’s more substance than stylized bars and hooks. Lyrically, Sky balances the introspectiveness of a napsack toter with a hustler’s wit and sensibilities, making his style enjoyable to listen to but not elementary by any means.Skyzoo’s strength is his effortless ability to spit like it’s ‘95 yet still sound relevant among today’s Hip-Hop generation, as showcased on joints like the Primo-produced “Get It Done”, “They Don’t Want It” and Skyzoo’s answer to all critics, “Like a Shotgun”. On the latter over throbbing bass and drums, blaring horns accentuate the kid’s confidence as he asserts, “It’s the return of the father of the flow/I put it back out and y’all borrowed it some mo’/You hating online but nodding at the show/Cloud 9 dropped and you copped it on the low/On the ‘Space you stunting/Behind close doors you love it/But ya girl is a fan in public, fuck it…Look/I’m cosigned by every legend you pray to/You might as well call me Je-sus/Jesus Christ is he that nice?/I hand out revelations when I breathe on mics/And really I been bored/I’m on my ‘Cam shit/I’m only doing this ‘cause I can b*tch…”Other gems include “Cop-N-Go” (featuring Maino and Stimuli), a clever ode to bodegas that sell Pepsi and Coke (pun intended), “Bragging Rights” and the soulful posse cut “They Don’t Want It”, featuring newcomers Torae, Yatta Barz, and Zeqway.Corner Store Classic not only satisfies lyric lovers but beat junkies as well. The production is impressive with heavyweights like Hi-Tek (“Ghetto America”), 9th Wonder (“You Already Know (rmx)” feat. Sean Price) and Madlib (“Close Reach”) supplying the tracks. Sky also did his homework and chose to rock over two classic instrumentals (Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Straighten It Out” and The Artifacts “Wrong Side of the Tracks”) that real heads will recognize and respect him for. Cleverly organized like an album and boasting an impressive list of producers, Skyzoo’s Corner Store Classic is a perfect balance of music that’s relevant today combined with a ‘golden era’ influence. Props over here indeed.