Sreetsweeper Vol. 2, The Pain From The Game

Artist: DJ Kay SlayTitle: Sreetsweeper Vol. 2, The Pain From The GameRating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Martin Berrios

When it comes to DJ “personalities,” Kay Slay is as gully as they come. From calling out wanksta rappers to punching out his counterparts, he has truly earned the title “The Drama King.” His distinct bravado and ability to secure exclusive music has made him one of Hip-Hop’s premier tastemakers. His first attempt at the commercial mix-tape (The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1) game taught him a valuable lesson; big name artist features do not always equate to big time record sales. Due to last minute line-up substitutions on the first single (“Too Much For Me”) and excessive talking over his debut fell on deaf ears.

Slay has dusted himself off and is back with the second installment of his Streetsweeper series with The Pain From The Game. He opens up strongly with an aggressive Ghostface and Scarface track appropriately named “Face Off.” Pretty Tone laces a Heatmakerz production with his trademark delivery. “I settle crimes/with metal nines/and I ain’t gonna stop/till your brains all over the street like yellow lines!” Sauce Money, Game and the Memph Man maintain the gruff momentum with “Hand On The Pump.” The track is clear evidence that Clark Kent still has the touch, as he skillfully combines a country-flavored baseline with crisp high-hats.

Lyrically LL Cool J steals the show on the Swizz Beatz produced “The Truth.” “Some cats neglected the fact that L was hot/cuz their woman elected me hot when I stepped in the spot/lyrically repping the block/ on Farmers is the rock/but my sex symbol status made me corny to copp.” His confident delivery on this reflective offering makes you wish all rappers aged that gracefully. Other song highlights include “Get Retarted” by the Diplomats and Twista and “Who Gives A…Where You From” by Three 6 Mafia.

The problem that often plagues major label mix-tapes is filler, and it seems like Slay did not do his homework. “Don’t Stop The Music” featuring Lil’ Flip, Lil’ Mo and E-40 is just plain horrible. The loop E-A-Ski used for the track is a terrible attempt to revive the shiny suit era. The gimmick of putting together an all female radio personality crew that cannot rhyme on “Celebrity Love” defies common sense. Hearing Steph Lova’s (Insert Austin Power “She’s A Man Baby” sound-bite here) deep voice talk about her love life is not appealing.

Overall The Pain From The Game is solid. Kay Slay showcases his A&R abilities by representing every level of the hood on this mix-tape. On this attempt, Slay turned down his talking time and turned up the heat.