Star Wars: Nick Grant Is The Luke Skywalker Of Hip-Hop

There's an imbalance in Hip-Hop, but when Nick Grant enters the universe of rap music, some order is restored.

(AllHipHop Features) Nick Grant reminds me of Luke Skywalker in a particular scene in the Star Wars saga. In the movie, “Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope,” the young hero-in-the making has stumbled into a massive trash compactor inside the Death Star, along with his comrades-in-arms Princess Lea and Han Solo. The walls of the compactor begin to close as a part of the normal trash disposal process. Just when the heroes think they are going to die, they are saved and live to fight the battle and ultimately win the war. So, how does this relate to a rapper bred for greatness in Atlanta?

I admit, the comparison is a bit weird, but follow me. Luke Skywalker was anointed from the onset of his fictitious life as a future Jedi. Moreover, he studied under the greats like Obi Wan or Yoda, even if they were only there in spirit. When he came in, Nick Grant - still a Padawan of sorts - made it clear what he was about and his 2016 mixtape, “‘88,” affirmed his position. Through all the muck and mire of music, some potential greats of our beloved genre are getting lost, drowned out or even crushed.

Last year, he released Return of the Cool and this year, with a vengeance, dropped a gem Dreamin Out Loud. Undeterred, the 30-year old and kept honing his craft, studying with the greats like Nas, Lauryn Hill and Royce Da 5’ 9”. However, this run he brought in reinforcements like DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti and D.R.A.M. Like Luke, he’s slowly becoming a the Light, but knows mastery takes time, craftsmanship and adaptability to emerge victorious amid darker forces. Luke made it out his precarious situation and Nick Grant, with his own trilogy, has too. Respected by those that know, his influence and power is growing with each person that hears his bars, his music. Now, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talks to the man himself about a myriad of topics that reflect the depth of the artist. The anointing is now and its very real.

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Image: courtesy of Epic