Stat Quo: Statlanta, Detox and Dr. Dre

After years of delay as an artist on Aftermath/Interscope Records, Atlanta rapper Stat Quo is finally on the verge of releasing his highly anticipated album Statlanta. The album, which is slated for May 4th, will be released on Sha Money XL’s Dream Big Ventures, through digital distributor, The Orchard.In this exclusive interview, Stat Quo remained tight lipped on the details about the album, but he did disclose the release will feature 12 tracks. Stat has released the first single off the album titled “Success (Back To You),” which also has an accompanying video. Take a look at what Stat had to say about his upcoming work with Dre on the Detox album, his relationship with Eminem currently and his plans for performing at SXW this week.  What’s up man? Where you located?Stat Quo: I’m in Cali now man.  So what you go got going on out there?Stat Quo: Just finished up my album and then working on the Detox with Dr.  Oh, so you still doing a lot of work with Dre and Eminem?Stat Quo: Yea with Dre, but I guess if you work with Dre you work with Em so, its kind of like they’re two peas in a pod right there, but I mainly been working with So we all have seen the Success (Back to You) video, can you tell me a little bit about that video and how the song came together?Stat Quo: You know Sha hooked me up with the beat and then I heard the chorus and thought about it. When you hear the song you might think that I am talking about a woman, but I am talking about my relationship with success. In the video, you know in my records, I write stories to them, so it was kind of easy to put a video to it.You know the video takes three aspects of my life, which a lot of people can relate to. One of them I am working a corporate job, waiting for a train, freezing my but off trying to get a train and trying to get to work early. You got a situation where I am on the corner selling CDs, and doing what I love. Then you have another situation where I am trying to graduate school and trying to get my Definitely people are feeling that, sounds like it’s going to be a pretty successful album. Is that going to be on the STATLANTA album?Stat Quo: Yea man, it’s the first single off of the album. I guess a lot of people don’t think that it is a traditional single because its not geared towards the radio. But I just wanted to make good music and not be concerned about BDF and all that other bulls**t.I just want to make music and songs that I like and can relate to, and hopefully some people that grew up like me will feel what I got going  That seems like the best thing to do, more longevity in that style some would say. So you mentioned you worked a corporate job and you also received your degree from the University of Florida. Right? Can you tell me how that has affected you or how it has helped you?Stat Quo: Graduated in business and economics, I just you know, sometimes when you are in artist mode, that’s all you think about, but it allowed myself to step out of being that artist, like “Wait a minute.” It allowed me to see my situation for what it was when it came down to me not ever actually putting out an album with Shady/Aftermath.I had to look at the business side of that and realize that at those companies hundreds, lets say even thousands of people’s jobs are dependent on the songs that come out with Dre and Eminem and 50’s sales. I can realize why it was so pertinent at that point in time. I see why it was so important to get those records out at this point, but back then I didn’t see  So that experience obviously had a big impact on your career. Can you talk about that working with Em and Dre and how that’s changed things for you?Stat Quo: Its dope, its dope working with them, its dope still working with them. I learned so much from both them about how to be a better MC and a better person and I continue to learn from both of them. I’m not going to sit on the phone and act like me an Em sit on the phone and talk all the time. It’s been a while. But at the end of the day I still got love for him. That’s never going to change. When it comes to Dre you know he is the end all be all as far as my mentor. He’s held me down and continues to hold me  Can you tell us a little bit about what it’s like working on the Detox Album?Stat Quo: Man being on this record, I just feel so important, you know what I’m saying? Because this album is just so important for hip hop. I just feel blessed to actually have the opportunity to be in the place to work on it The s**t is going to be a classic man straight up from beginning to end man, and they gonna like it, you gonna like it, the world’s gonna like Can you tell me about what the listeners can expect from Statlanta, or any features or any other information about the album as far as production?Stat Quo: For this album man, I’m not telling anyone anything about who’s on it or anything because I feel like a lot artists tell who is on the album and then it takes away from the mystery away. So I would rather just wait. Like you know what? Just wait you and get the album and then see what’s up with it.One thing I can say its one of those albums that you just put on when you are going on a long road trip. It’s riding music. Know what I’m saying? So that’s  I respect that. Can you tell us about when its coming out and what imprint it will be on?Stat Quo:  It’s coming out May 4th on Dream Big Ventures a company with Sha Money the old A lot of people in the game talk about how you style is a lot different than other Atlanta rappers. Can you talk about your influence or how it shaped your style? You spend time in Atlanta, California, were in Florida for a little bit. Can you tell us a little bit about how your style was formed?Stat Quo: Atlanta was such a melting pot for different forms of music when I was growing up. Music from all over the place. So you got NWA out west, New York, Miami, Cali, the South, Kilo out of Atlanta, Ghetto Boys, Luke, UGK, KRS ONE, Jay-Z and Biggie, Nas, and Rakim, out of New York. So I’m like a combination of all of Dre has a new artist named Hayes, are you familiar with him, have you had any contact with him?Stat Quo: Yea, that’s my dog, he’s incredibly talented and a good dude all around. Yea he’s cool he’s a good So album out in May, anything planned leading up to the album?Stat Quo: I got promo, SXSW, hitting the blogs heavy, the Twitter, the Facebook, you know, doing it like How many songs is it?Stat Quo: Ummm… 12, short a Those can be some of the best records. The ones you play straight through.Stat Quo: Yea, There’s a lot of fluff on records sometimes. Just get to the point. Say what you need to say and get out. So other than working with Dre, what’s been up over the last few weeks?Stat Quo: That takes up all my time. honestly Working with Dre mostly, that takes up all of my time. We stay up all night in the studio. I kicked it with my son for his birthday. Went back to Atlanta for that, shot the Success video, collaborating with a bunch of artists, I’m blessed. I can’t complain at Yea for sure man, you def got a lot lined up. Lots of rappers would kill to be able to say they are working with Dre.Stat Quo: Its kind of bleak for rap right now in a lot of circles. But you know, you are only as good as you think you are and you are only in as good a position as you put your mind to be thinking that. So it’s about having positive thoughts that will breed positive  True. Lastly man, what you got in the iPod, right now.Stat Quo: This Scarface Emeritus album, the Scarface MADE album, 50 Cent Get or Rich Die Trying, Game’s Documentary and the Doctors Advocate, Stat Quo, all his old Statlanta joints that you never heard, laughs, unreleased Dre joints, Eminem’s Marshall Mather’s LP, and you know what I like that Kid Cudi Pursuit of Happiness, and the Timbaland and Drake Say Something too. I like that for sure. I like Anything else man?Stat Quo: Na that’s it man. I am good. Go get that Statlanta May 4th!