Sticky Fingaz: Black Superman

W ith over 40 credits to his name, including roles as a producer and director, let it be known that Sticky Fingaz stands…


ith over 40 credits to his name, including roles as a producer and director, let it be known that Sticky Fingaz stands to soon be a household name. As “Slam” continues to get burn on greatest hits compilations, Sticky’s most recognizable feat may come as he takes over for Wesley Snipes as Blade: The Series. The Spike TV original program will find the black superhero conquering evil alongside Jill Wagner, formerly of Punk’d. The first episode premiers June 28th at 10PM. Now the same network that has the rights to The Warriors has the Hip-Hop audience in mind even more so.

As Sticky’s acting pushes the Queens New Yorker to new heights, Sticky still shows his old, unpredictable self in a look ahead at the show. With all the gala concerning the return of Superman, Kirk Jones isn’t afraid to son Clark Kent, and break his character down for the Hip-Hop community. If that role is anything like Sticky’s explanations, Wednesday nights just got a whole lot grimier. Congratulations on the Blade role. Do you think it will take long to convert all the Wesley fans and establish yourself as the official Blade?

Sticky Fingaz: Nope. Is there a difference in styles, Wesley is big on Martial Arts and Asian ladies, are you taking it to the streets or did you have to get your Kung-Fu skills up?

Sticky Fingaz: I’m definitely taking it to the streets. But, I did have to up my Kung-Fu game. Vampires are known for their game, but Blade, in the movies, never really got it poppin’ with the necro ladies. Does this Blade jump it off by getting his bite on?

Sticky Fingaz: Put it like this: Blade is still backed up. How do you think the Blade villains from the series would fare on the streets of Queens?

Sticky Fingaz: Being that the guy that plays Blade [Sticky Fingaz] is from Queens, New York, they’d probably be buried somewhere. Queens is not having it! The only other live-action superhero TV series on right now, Smallville, is based on Superman. Do you think Blade can hold his own against Superman, in the street throwin’ the one?

Sticky Fingaz: First of all, Blade doesn’t have any weaknesses. He’d find some Kryptonite and turn dude into a normal human…then snap his neck! What are your thoughts about Superman coming back, now without Christopher Reeve or Richard Pryor here?

Sticky Fingaz: I’m waiting to see, just like the rest of the world. A lot of people think there’s a Superman curse… since it’s TV star, George Reeves, killed himself, and we all know what happened to Chris Reeves. Wesley Snipes hasn’t been making movies as frequently as big as he was in the ‘90s. Could a “curse of Blade” exist?

Sticky Fingaz: If there is a curse, the show is cursed to be one of the biggest joints on TV! So I’ll be cursed and can’t walk the streets in peace. Aside from a reference in Superman III, Superman has yet to smash out Lois Lane. How long would it take Blade to sink his teeth into Lois or is he not a fan of white meat?

Sticky Fingaz: Both Blade and Sticky Fingaz don’t discriminate. We’d probably both turn her out in the same night. How important do you think it is for children [and adults for that matter] of color to have a superhero that looks like them?

Sticky Fingaz: It’s very important. I think this is a huge step. We came from pickin’ cotton, and now we superheroes. It’s a good look. Real talk! A lot of people are worried that this might be a drop off from the Trilogy, will the series be just as good or even better?

Sticky Fingaz: If you like the trilogy…you gonna love this. Aside from fighting evil demons lurking in the night, did you manage to get to the studio and lay down any tracks? I bet it’s really hard to rhyme with those fangs in your mouth…?

Sticky Fingaz: [Laughs] Yeah, I got a solo album coming top of next year and we working on an Onyx album called The Black Rock. And Blade don’t rhyme, I do…so the fangs aren’t an issue. What’s good on the musical side lately? What music are you feeling in ‘06?

Sticky Fingaz: Everybody’s kind of corny right now; I be bangin the mixtapes.