Sunday Selection: Aaliyah Collabs

I remember clearly when I learned of the death of Aaliyah. It was Sunday, the morning of August 26, 2001; about 5AM or so. I’d fallen asleep on the couch with the television on. Upon awakening I looked over at the TV, and to my surprise was a news reporter saying Aaliyah died tragically while a photo of her with the dates 1979-2001 stood at the reporter's side. "Was I dreaming," I thought to myself? This couldn’t be true…My heart dropped, I was in disbelief. I felt a deep sadness and couldn’t help but wonder why someone so sweet, so beautiful, and so talented had to die so young. It made me think back to 1994, when she popped on the scene. From day one something about her caught my eye. Her name, her style of dress, those loc sunglasses she hid behind, everything about her was unique. If I felt like this, I knew her loved ones and fans were just as devastated. I was going to have to accept the fact that the girl from Detroit I grew up watching with the baggy jeans and boxers blossom into a mature woman was gone. GONE. I would only have the music, the videos, the movies and the photos to remember her by. I would cherish those particular mementos and though I didn’t like it, I’d have to move on. Over the course of Aaliyah’s career, we only got three albums, but those three are like gold to any Aaliyah fan. She’s influenced up and coming R&B singers that have come after her, and her spirit, beauty, and talent will never be forgotten. I love collaborations. There’s nothing like hearing more than one different voice on the same song. There’s just something about a good ole’ duet. So let’s take a moment to reflect on my favorite five Aaliyah duets over the span of her career. I never met anyone who didn’t like Aaliyah, so if you’re reading this I’d love for you share where you were when you found about her death and your favorite five songs from her too. ( :August 25, 2008 marks the 7-year anniversary of her death. So on that day, take a moment and remember her. R.I.P. Aaliyah, you may be gone, but not forgotten.Until next week y’all, enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “My Fav 5 Aaliyah collabs”1. Aaliyah and R.Kelly: "At Your Best" (remix)2. Aaliyah and R. Kelly: "Your Body's Callin'" (remix)3. Aaliyah and DMX: "Come Back in One Piece"4. Aaliyah and Nas: "You Won't See Me Tonight"5. Aaliyah, Missy, and Timbaland: "Hot Like Fire"Bonus Track:Aaliyah and Junior M.A.F.I.A: "I Need You Tonight"