Sunday Selection: Chris Brown -"Twitter"

AllHipHop Staff


Chris Brown Ft/KMac

What’s up everybody? Hope all is well. After taking a small hiatus last week to enjoy the

Holiday I’m back! The other day I got my hands on a leaked joint titled “Twitter” from an artist who actually tweets under the alias @MechanicalDummy. If you’re clueless to whom that is, let me fill you in…its none other than Chris Brown. And, Breezy is actually singing and rapping on this new song that starts off with a verse from an artist called KMac.

I must admit Chris’s does his thing on “Twitter.” His delivery is good and whoever penned the 16 for him did a decent job. Over the years we’ve heard songs that relate to modern technology and I think after this song drops Breezy’s number of followers just might pick up. J

Hearing Chris rap is something new to me. And…I was actually impressed with his flow and delivery. I even went so far to pull up a bonus track of him spitting on another track that leaked a few months back called “Randsom” ft/ Rock City. Once you listen to “Twitter” also take some time to listen that as well. It just might shock you. But in all, let me know what you think!

After seeing Chris Brown on Larry King recently, I sat back and wondered how much of his career could really be salvaged following what he said and didn’t say, but after hearing new music from him the truth still remains he is a very gifted and talented artist and I personally will continue to respect his craft despite his shortcomings. And truth b told, at the end of the day he’s still a dope artist.

Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.

Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “Twitter.”

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