Sunday Selection - Josh Xantus – “First Time”

AllHipHop Staff

Sunday SelectionJosh Xantus – “First Time”By: Nia Beckwith What’s up everybody!?? It’s been a minute! Some of you may remember my column “Sunday Selection” from last year where every week I would pick an R&B single and add my two cents. Well I’ve been on hiatus for a while, but now I’m back! Big ups to the powers that be for letting me resurrect “Sunday Selection.” And while some of you may be new to it all, WELCOME! Make sure you check in every Sunday from here on out. But anyway, enough of about that lets get down to the niddy griddy. This week’s selection is titled “First Time” by a newcomer who goes by the name of Josh X-an-tus. A native of New York, Josh is a multi-talented guy who carries the title of classical pianist, singer and songwriter. Hands down, Josh is what today’s newcomers in R&B have been missing. He’s someone who is has a unique sound and uses live instrumentation. He’s truly in a lane of his own. And while recognizing that Josh stands out from the rest, I’m really hoping that the style and sound that he brings will inspire other artists to want to incorporate the use live instruments and undoctored vocals in their music. So many artists have gotten caught up in the auto-tune phase and singing over manufactured beats that our younger generation isn’t really familiar with Josh’s particular style of music. Its time to bring something new to the forefront and I’m hoping Josh will help ignite the flame. The overall theme of Josh’s new single flashes back to being in love and then became intimate for the very “First Time.” We all remember our first, good or bad and what it was like to have the feelings and emotions associated with it. The song possesses a very innocent tone and consists of nothing more than the keys of his piano and the finger snaps in the background. And while the dynamics of this song are simple the vocals are melodic and subtle. Upon meeting Josh Xantus, legendary artist Stevie Wonder told him, “As someone who has influenced you I have the right to say I would want you do things that encourage and inspire and make this world a better place.” Josh’s answer was, “I definitely will.” ”First Time” is currently starting to build on radio stations around the country and I wanna know what you think. Does the single catch your attention and do you think he’s style of performing will make him a trendsetter for the future? Let me what you think. Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say. Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “First Time” Nia Beckwith is a Senior Writer for She can be reached at You can also follow her at “First Time”