Sunday Selection: Kanye West "Love Lockdown"

In light of all the headlines that Kanye West has grabbed in the last week, I only saw it fitting that I pick his new single "Love Lockdown" for Sunday Selection.It never crossed my mind that I’d be doing a write-up on Kanye on the Alternative side of AHH. But then again, he’s so unpredictable I should have figured one day I would. Back in '03, I remember interviewing Kanye the summer before College Dropout was released - before he was a household name - which was actually one of the goals he spoke to me about in the interview. He’d just finished filming the video for "Through The Wire" and talked about how making a star out of his artist John Legend was his priority, how he wanted to start a record company called G.O.O.D Music, and how he planned to change the game.He even spoke about his future album titles: College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and Good Ass Job. Thinking back, I was very fortunate to have had a conversation with Kanye about what he wanted to do and watch all of it come true. Time has really done wonders for him, and as I review my interviews over the years, I will say that one is very special. Being from Chicago, I loved the notion that 'Ye was from here and left the city to pursue his dreams. He was a very humble person then, but look at him now! Did y’all catch the fight with the paparazzi at LAX? I’m sure you did. Classic…Classic Kanye West. You know when he makes a statement he makes a statement! After all, who gets into a scuffle at the airport on September 11th? Only Kanye. But anyway, I say all that to say this: I remember towards the end of my interview, I asked a few random questions. One in particular was, "Can you sing?" And with no hesitation Kanye answered, "No, but I wish I could."And here we are five years later…with "Love Lockdown," Kanye’s debut as a "rappa ternt sanga." Has he taken voice lessons? Or is he just going with the flow and singing from the heart with no formal training? Well whatever route he’s taken, he’s turned on the Auto-Tune for assistance, and personally I think he could fair without it. Just think about when he harmonized and sang the hook for "Spaceship" on College Dropout. I loved the way his voice sounded then, it was natural and wholesome. The Auto-Tune takes away from hearing the pain he speaks about in "Love Lockdown." And speaking of pain, I wonder what sparked "Love Lockdown." Is he speaking of his love of music or maybe his love for an ex-lover? Well whatever it is, it was enough for him to sing about it. I can’t say "Love Lockdown" is hot like fire, but it peaks my interest about his new album 808’s and Heartbreak. How has Kanye’s singing debut moved you? Tell me how you feel. Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection - "Love Lockdown"Poll Answers