Sunday Selection: LL Cool J and Bernard Wright - "Who Do You Love?"

This Sunday Selection is a bit of a different animal.

I seek to introduce you to one artist and re-introduce some new comers to another one.

The first is LL Cool J. Certainly, people know LL, but I think it is conceivable that many of you have forgotten or are unaware about how talented the Queens, NY legend is. Obviously, his name rings in the hall of fame, but I want to remind you of his greatness by cross-promoting another artist.

Bernard Wright. At this point Bernard Wright is a virtual unknown to the youth of today, but he has a song that STILL jams over 20 years after it was created. That song is “Who Do You Love,” a hit record that peaked at the No. 6 spot on the R&B charts. Wright even went to the same New York arts school as Slick Rick and Dana Dane.

True heads know that song was No. 1.

LL Cool J recognized the man when he rapped over Bernard’s beat on “Loungin’,” which featured former Bad Boy artists Total and a Track Masters remix.

Here is “Loungin’” and beneath is Bernard Wright’s hit record “Who Do You Love.”

Bernard Wright - “Who Do You Love”

Bonus: Snoop's "G'z and Hustlers" also sampled Bernard Wright.