Sunday Selection: New Kids on the Block "Single" feat. Ne-Yo

Back in the late ‘80s I will admit it...I was a New Kids on The Block fan. So were millions of other people all over the world! And I’m sure the shock factor was about the same for everyone when they announced a reunion earlier this year. Initially, my first reaction was why? What do these guys actually think they have to contribute to the Pop culture in 2008? All I have to say is expect the unexpected.Their first single “Summertime” was hot. Hot in its own unique way. The timing of the song was great and when I saw the video, I must say the guys looked good. Much better than I expected! I was actually impressed. I always liked Donnie Wahlberg, he has always been my favorite and seeing him in the boy band capacity at 40 years old, I got excited all over again. But, ok ok…enough about my secret crush on Donnie!It looks like in 2008, NKOTB has a lot of respect from some of today’s hottest names in Hip-Hop and R&B. R&B sensation Ne-Yo has hopped on their new joint “Single” and just like “Summertime” it’s a decent track. The song is about single ladies in the club and how the fellas will be their boyfriend for the moment, at least until the song goes off. Produced by Polow Da Don, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I heard “Single.” Sometimes you gotta give credit where credit is due. And it looks like Ne-Yo and Polow did just that. Those of you who are 25 and up, you remember the hoopla that surrounded NKOTB over 20 years ago. They were the ultimate Boy Band and set the stage for a lot of the groups you see today. All over again, Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny are “The New Kids on The Block” and I’d like to say in 2008, they’re “Hangin’ Tough”! HAHA!Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “Single”