Sunday Selection: Nina Sky - "Curtain Call" featuring Rick Ross

It’s been a minute since

I’ve heard an R&B song that was just, “SMOOTH.” So smooth

that you wanted to hear it over and over. Well Nicole and Natalie, the

ladies of Nina Sky have crafted a collaboration with Rick Ross titled

“Curtain Call” that makes you feel good about R&B again. It's

one of those songs you get excited about and immediately turn up when

you hear it on the radio or holler out - “That’s my jam!” when

you hear it in the club.

So many songs today are way

too blunt and have no finesse to them. Some artists don’t extend their

creativity to talk about being intimate or sexual; they force it, which

in turn gives Hip-Hop and R&B music today a bad reputation. But

when I hear “Curtain Call” it resembles how old school R&B artists

used to be subtle and coined phrases or terms where you knew what they

meant, but it didn’t come across so vulgar. 

In “Curtain Call” the ladies

of Nina Sky sing about giving the signal to get it poppin’ and engage

in a steamy late night rendezvous. And how when you embrace that moment,

it's time for your man to leave what he’s doing, come home and give

ya the business. All while Rick Ross drops a swaggerdosish

16 that would make the average chick smile.

I don’t know if it’s the

sweet sound of Nicole and Natalie’s voices that makes me fall in love

with this song, or it’s just how smooth they talk about a late night

hook up. Either way, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything

from Nina Sky, and I’m glad to see the ladies are making a come back. They're putting the finishing touches on their new album The Musical.

Did I mention this week how

much I LOVE a good ol’ duet? Guess I just did! And I am definitely

putting this joint down as one of my all time favorites from Nina Sky.

Until next week, y’all enjoy

this week’s Sunday Selection – Nina Sky f/Rick Ross “Curtain Call”