Sunday Selection: Omarion ft/Lil Wayne – “I Get It In”

AllHipHop Staff

Sunday Selection Omarion ft/Lil Wayne – “I Get It In”

What’s up everybody! Hope all is well. If you haven’t heard the latest, rumors have been flying around all week about singer Omarion’s alleged departure from Young Money Entertainment. Is he with still rolling with Weezy and Company? Is he dropped? Or did he leave on his own? Those are the questions that have been posed, but whatever the circumstances are in the midst of it all a track titled “I Get It In” has surfaced. And as much as I love a good ole’ duet, this one with Omarion and Lil Wayne doesn’t have me jumping for joy. Its not anything earth shattering or something I expect to be a big hit, just sounds like Omarion was trying replicate a sound that’s popular amongst today’s artists to blend in with his new crew. Now the last time I checked Omarion was a singer, but on this track it sounds more like he’s trying to rap then sing. Omarion stay in your lane homiee! I know your trying to fit in with what everybody else is currently sounding like, but uh…I would much rather hear an up tempo R&B joint that shows your vocal range with Lil Wayne on it than whatever this song is. But hey, sometimes artists like to do something different and take a risk. Do you! I ain’t mad at that but I just think you might have wasted Lil Wayne’s guest spot because this song will probably never do much. You’re not the first R&B artist to have Lil’ Wayne on your track and it not turn out to be a hit or will you be the last. In the end it just shows that everything Wayne touches doesn’t always turn into gold. Omarion we haven’t heard much from you in a long time, and I must admit there’s room for you out here in the game, but make your return something we’re going to enjoy and appreciate. Don’t fall victim to following the trends. Well everybody you know how I’m feeling about this new joint. Tell me how you feel! Thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say. Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “I Get It In.”

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