Sunday Selection: Pretty Ricky "Knockin' Boots '08"

Sunday Selection was on hiatus for a while, but I’m back and this week I’ve got a doozie! Not sure what the fellas of Pretty Ricky were thinking about when they decided to remake H-Town’s classic R&B hit “Knockin' The Boots" and call it "Knockin' Boots '08,"but I am labeling their rendition a true disgrace to R&B. If anybody decides to remake a song - whether it’s an artist, group, or producer - my motto is, “If you can’t make it just as good or better than the original, leave it alone!” At one point in time, despite their obvious immaturity, I liked Pretty Ricky’s sound because they were different. They were a rap group with a lead singer, which is a different concept today. The whole idea reminded me of Jodeci or even New Edition. But it looks like their original lead singer Pleasure left the group, and they have a new lead singer named 4 Play. Not to say 4 Play isn’t talented and can’t sing, but just like the original “Pretty Ricky” and the original “Knockin’ The Boots,” it's just not bangin' the second time around. I was completely offended when I heard this song for the first time, and in my opinion it’s shameful and should be ranked as one of the worst remakes of all time! Their version just doesn’t have the same impact and soul that H-Town had 15 years ago. If you’re familiar with H-Town, then you know that member; Kevin “Dino” Conner was killed in a car accident in 2003. While reading a blog regarding this song, one blogger wrote "I hate Pretty Ricky, Dino is rolling in his grave on this one R.I.P." I couldn’t agree more with that statement. What do you think?These guys have an album coming out in September, and I wonder how their fans will react to the new lead singer. Good or bad, I already know how I feel. Until next week, here’s this week’s Sunday Selection – “Knockin Boots 08.”Here is the real version - H-Town's "Knockin' The Boots"