Sunday Selection: R. Kelly - "Skin"

Hey everybody!! Hope all is

well. This week I have stumbled upon a new joint from one of Chi-town’s

biggest artists. Some of you have love for him, while some of you hate

his guts. Either way, you can’t deny he’s a musical genius.

I remember when Robert Sylvester

Kelly went by the moniker R. Kelly. I know that might sound strange,

but in 2008 R. Kelly has faded to the background. See the R. Kelly I

know and remember had hits dating back to 1992. And as he evolved in

the new millennium, R. Kelly got lost in the shuffle and this other guy

“Kells” emerged. R. Kelly did songs like, “Honey Love,”

“Your Body’s Calling” and “Bump N’ Grind. While Kells has crafted

songs like “Snake,” “Thoia Thong” and “I’ma Flirt.”

I can’t say that I like Kells

as much as I like R. Kelly, the two are totally different and produce

totally different music. Personally, I think that Kells is merely a watered

down version of R. Kelly who attempts to keep up with “The Joneses.”

He turns on the Auto-Tune from time to time and doesn’t produce Classic

R&B, just microwaved hits that in six months you don’t remember


So as Robert Sylvester Kelly

preps the release of his new album 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, I’m wondering

who’ll he be this time around R. Kelly or Kells? His new single “Skin”

is decent, and I must admit Robert looks grown and sexy in the video,

something I haven’t seen from him in a long time. Although I’m routing

for R. Kelly to emerge on 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, I’m not sure which

alter-ego is present in “Skin.” So help me out! Take a listen to

the track and let me know who you think it is - R. Kelly or Kells? And

also let me know what you think overall.

Until next time y’all enjoy

this week’s Sunday Selection – “Skin” Poll Answers