Sunday Selection: The Keri Hilson Collabs (R. Kelly and Lil Wayne)

I’ve been checking out Keri Hilson ever since my editor put a bug in my ear about her earlier this year. Now that she has emerged from behind the scenes to develop herself as an R&B artist, I’m watching her every move. Keri’s written songs for artists such as Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and Usher. And now that she’s planning to release her own solo album, I’m curious to know what else she has to offer. Can her voice and star power reach the level of her song writing abilities? Will she make the cut and reach the level of a Rihanna or a Beyonce, or merely just fade to the waste side like Mya or Amerie? I guess time will only tell. After all, Keri Hilson seems to be getting a good response and people have good things to say about her. As a plus, Keri is a hottie – minus the wack hair cut. While her first single “Energy” is doing well, in weeks to come she will need to release a second single. And if you like Keri Hilson, like I have come to like Keri Hilson, you’re interested to know what direction she’ll head in next.So this week, I’ve selected two collaborations that she completed with two top artists. Not to say that either of these would be her next single, but let’s just say hypothetically one of them would be. Which one would you choose?One track is titled “Shake It Like A Dawg” featuring R. Kelly and the other is “Turn Off” featuring Lil Wayne. Did I mention I love a good ol’ duet this week? Wait, I just did! LOL…On “Shake It Like A Dawg” Keri sings about how she’s the sh*t and the guys go crazy for her, all while making her want to shake it like a dawg. Then R. Kelly adds insult to injury in the song, as he goes on to talk about how he’s falling in love because she shakes it like a dawg. In my opinion that’s some of the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever heard. Shake it like a dawg? Are you f**kin’ kiddin’ me? Was this all these two could come up with to express how they feel about dancing in the club? I want to say this to Keri Hilson – despite R. Kelly’s shortcomings, he is a musical genius. Don’t let today’s obsession with the female backside let you dumb down your musical creativity and let you miss the mark. In my opinion, you could have made better use of R. Kelly. That’s too much talent in one room to come up with a song like this. And furthermore, Keri, you’ve created masterpieces, but I guess this is one of those pieces of work you’ll look back and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” In all, is song has a dope beat but zero substance. "Shake It Like a Dawg" - Keri Hilson featuring R. Kelly

Shake It Like A Dawg (Prod. By Polow Da Don) - Keri Hilson Ft. R. KellyMoving right along, let me elaborate on “Turn Off,” which is ironically what “Shake It Like A Dawg” did. In this song, Keri talks about what turns her on and off. It’s pretty simple, she puts it out there what a guy can do to make her like him and what he can do to make her turn the other way. The first time I heard Lil Wayne’s verse on this track I thought it was sub par, but when I went back to listen for a second time I just realized it was typical Lil Wayne: creative punch lines and simply swaggerdosish (yes, I made up that word)."Turn Off" - Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne

Turn Off (Feat Lil Wayne) - Keri HilsonSo again, hypothetically speaking, if either of these songs were to be pegged for Keri’s second single, which would you choose? I think it’s obvious what my choice is. “Turn Off” gets my vote… Until next week y’all take a listen to this week’s Sunday Selections – “Shake It Like A Dawg” and “Turn Off”

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