Sunday Selection -Trey Songz – “Neighbors Know My Name”

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Sunday Selection

Trey Songz – “Neighbors Know My Name”

What’s up everybody! Hope all is well. This week I searched through some new music and came across a joint titled “Neighbor Know My Name” from the artist known as Trey Songz. Now I’ve never met Trey Songz and even though I think he’s mad talented, there’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I can’t even front I love Trey’s voice and his overall sound and even though I want to like him fully for some reason I just can’t. Somehow he misses the mark with me, and while I’m sure I’m not alone with how I feel that’s just my opinion. I just think he lacks an element that will take him to the next level, but he’s still young and has some room to grow, so hopefully in the next few years we’ll see him mature into the artist he has the potential to be.

In 2009 we’ve had the privilege of hearing a few songs from Trey that were decent. The first single off his new album “I Need A Girl”, his appearance on Drake’s “Successful” and his second single off his new album “LOL :)”. While those songs have shown that Trey may be “Ready” (which is the title off his new album) to show another side of him at this point in his career only time will truly tell.

“Neighbors Know My Name” is a strong track. I like the sexiness about it and Trey puts it down. So in all with four songs that are something to talk about, I’m thinking Trey might actually have a decent body of work we can look forward to with his new album. “Neighbors Know My Name” is one of those joints that you put in the late night rendezvous category of your iPod, kinda “Hot and Steamy”…LOL :)

Take a listen and tell me what you think!

(Sidenote: Hey Trey! Here’s a suggestion – If you really want to come off as a mature R&B artist, keep R. Kelly’s name out your mouth. No matter what you say about him you just end up sounding desperate for attention when you comment on him. In the future, if someone asks you about him, just act like a grown ass man and say you respect him as an artist and leave it be. Again…LOL :) HAHAHA!)

Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.

Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “Neighbors Know My Name.”

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