Sunday Selection: Whitney Houston – “Million Dollar Bill”

AllHipHop Staff

What’s up everybody? Hope all is well. This week I came across a few new tracks, but only one in particular motivated me to want to write about it. I had tracks from Queen Latifah, Marcus Houston, Amerie amongst others but the one I got by Whitney Houston titled “Million Dollar Bill” was by far the hottest. Now we all know Whitney’s story…No need to rehash old sh*t, but lets fast forward to the present.

This new joint is a hit! Her first single that was released a few weeks ago “I Look To You” from her upcoming album is aight, but in my honest opinion doesn’t really wake up the masses to take notice that she’s trying to make a comeback.

“Million Dollar Bill” was written by Alicia Keys and produced by Swizz Beats and when you put those two together on a track you already know the outcome, FIRE! Being a true R&B fan I was excited to hear this song from Whitney. It felt good to hear a seasoned artist come through with such an awesome track after being out of the loop for so long. I even think that this song has the potential to end up on Urban radio where all the young folks are listening.

A remix with a hot rapper might even attribute to that notion, but only time will tell. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” landed on that side of the charts so who knows.

Either way it goes, “Million Dollar Bill” will be the reason that people want to purchase Whitney’s music again. What do you think of the song? Let me know.

P.S. – I wonder if this is how Whitney feels (like a million dollar bill) when she’s getting her cougar on and hanging out with Ray-J? Hahahahahaha…sorry couldn’t hold that one back!

Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.

Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “Million Dollar Bill.”

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