Table Tennis (Video Game)

Artist: Video Game ReviewTitle: Table Tennis (Video Game)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Bill Heinzelman

When Rockstar Games (of Grand Theft Auto fame) announced plans to produce an X-Box 360 exclusive title, fans jumped for joy. Then they found out the game was based on ping pong, ahem, table tennis. While Forrest Gump is the "sports" only claim to fame, Rockstar actually managed to make Table Tennis (Rockstar, X360) one of the more unique and satisfying 360 titles.

With fast-paced action and realistic physics, Table Tennis properly represents the sport's small intricacies. The controls are easy to learn, as you adjust the spin on the ball with either the right stick or button layouts. However, learning when to use each spin will take time to master. Besides the fluid game play, the title features amazing graphics, detail and character models.

Table Tennis' only downfall is its lack of features. With no career mode, create a player feature or ways to improve your character's statistics, you are pretty much stuck with one mode of play. It's disappointing, but doesn't completely ruin the game. While playing Table Tennis may not sound like the best way to kill some time on your X-Box 360, the game will appeal to fans of all ages and is worth at least a rental.