Tahiry Jose: A College Grad, Drug Kingpin And Natural Women In One Body


Tahiry Jose is moving from reality TV star to full-fledged boss chick. Miss Lissa analyzes the situation.

Interview by Miss Lissa

(AllHipHop Features) Tahiry Jose offers an engaging and interesting interview with Miss Lissa and talks about how she has maintained her successes after leaving the show "Love And Hip-Hop New York." The Harlem-bred Dominican queen makes bold boss moves from health & fitness to acting. Check out this really funny, cool interview with the always funny and cool Tahiry.

AllHipHop: Miss Lissa sitting here with the one the only the beautiful, one of the first runners of Love & Hip Hop - Tahiry Jose!

Tahiry: Hi!

AllHipHop: I'm so excited, girl. I feel like I didn't eat all day. I just wanted to be like ready for you, because you stay snatched! How do you keep your waist so tight and your thighs so right?

Tahiry: No, I have cellulite, which is still right ‘cause I’m a natural woman. I work out, I eat…good.

AllHipHop: You waist train?

Tahiry: No, I don’t waist train. I don’t think its healthy. Do I have one? Yes, I have one. I've tried it, but it's just not my thing. I’d rather go to the gym and sweat. I eat very good and then I have a cheat day and I drink a lot of water. So everything in moderation. So, I'm I'm a lush. I like to drink my alcohol, but then, you know, I actually stick to my diet during the week and so on and so forth. It just about finding the balance.

AllHipHop: Are you still eating that good Domincan food though?

Tahiry: I only do so maybe once a week and not even. I'll get some rice and beans. Whenever I feel like I want to have my rice and beans I do I don't hold back, but for the most part I do the quinoa instead of the rice or the brown rice. So I find substitutions, because my body is really it's what I do. So it's my job to always be fit. And it's also healthy and it makes me feel good.

AllHipHop: You look good and I’m always on your page…

Tahiry: Even when I gained the 20 pounds?

AllHipHop: Yeah, because its not in your waist…

Tahiry: Yeah it kinda is. (Laughing)


AllHipHop: Are you eating meat?

Tahiry: I don’t eat meat…I don’t eat red meat. I went I went pescetarian for four months okay I found out I was allergic to fish after I did some blood work. And then I was like no wonder I was itchy and s**t.

AllHipHop: You thought it was your ex. (laughter)

Tahiry: People do the wrong thing. Like people think that they're doing what whatever the book is telling them. it's all about your body and what works for you. And then I went vegan for four that was easier than I thought. But you have to mentally prepared for it. But the most part now because my schedule is so intense and I am not well versed on how to just maintain being a vegan, I am into a little bit of turkey, a little bit of chicken. And I just pay attention to my body. Like I said, works for me

AllHipHop: Well, y’all hear it. yeah It's not slim tea. She eating right…she’s…

Tahiry: Oh, no that too. I’ve promoted my flat tummy tea. So if you look at the ingredients, they do work to de-bloat a woman.

AllHipHop: That really works?

Tahiry: It has the ingredients to de-bloat you. The issue is, the word thinks that you drink the tea and you lose the weight. You know it comes with a diet, it comes with a work out, it comes with a lot. People can’t…I mean the only thing you can see like (snaps finger) results it's lipo. And you're still gonna be in pain and being in bed for months and months. I've come this far right and I’m 100% natural.

AllHipHop: No, you look beautiful. And you haven’t popped a seed yet. Then we’ll know a little bit more.

Tahiry: I can’t wait! I might change my first diaper in front of everybody.

AllHipHop: And you’ll probably get surgery for free.

Tahiry: (Pauses) Yeah, well…we get a lot of things for free.

AllHipHop: OF course you are know for “Love and Hip-Hop,” but you have some other projects going on. Can we talk a little bit about “The Line Up”?

Tahiry: I am the lead.

AllHipHop: Yeah and I heard you play like a drug kingpin!


Tahiry: I just feel like everything with me career-wise, everything has to make sense. So to everybody that asks me “Where will you be in the next five years,” I hate that question. Five years ago, I did not know I would be here today. In life you have plans and then God takes control. I did reality TV and it just made sense that I enjoy being in front of the camera so much. I was actually better and reenacting stuff sometimes when it came to my story on “Love And Hip-Hop,” I didn’t have a script, but we had bullet points and we had to discuss certain things so that the world could understand my story. And I’m also good and it, I enjoyed it. So, why not follow with acting. It made sense and and I got the lead. I read for it.

AllHipHop: Ankey (the director of “The Line Up”) told me that you did a great job.

Tahiry: So, now its acting and I’m taking my classes and I’m playing the head chick-in-charge.

AllHipHop: How close to your actual personality is this role?

Tahiry: Very close, very close. Everything is about balance. I am the girl that has a college education, but can be on the block with nutcrackers with the n—as talking sh-t. When it comes to pushing, I’ve never pushed any drugs,

AllHipHop: Would you throw the bag under the bus like Lil Kim used to do?

Tahiry: If I have to, yeah, I’m a ride or die chick. Yeah and my father - I’m a hustler’s daughter. He was in the game forever. He got deported to DR (Dominican Republic) after selling a lot of drugs. To me, my life was normal. Count the money looking up, my father taught me. My father told me not to count the money looking down, because you can get shot doing that. But, I’m a child so why would he be telling me that? Or going to Rikers when he did his first bid.

AllHipHop: My father gave me my first razor blade. Fathers - they are a little crazy.

Tahiry: I remember hearing them the tape as they wrapping up keys.

AllHipHop: Did you have to channel any rapper or like old family members? Foxy Cleopatra?

Tahiry: (Laughs) No, it was Tahiry. It was “What would Tahiry do in this situation? What would Tahiry do if she had to hit the streets, because she had to?” There are times when I look back at my dad’s situation like if I was old enough, I would have taken his connect. Like I would have been in Cali somewhere pushing that weight. But luckily I was a child. Its actually substituting stories that can affect me so I can actually translate what I am supposed to be doing or feeling.

AllHipHop: How was it being on set with Jim Jones?

Tahiry: Fun. Jim was fun. Jim was chill. And we went there to work and we got our work done in a night.

AllHipHop: So you guys were in two different seasons of Love and Hip-Hop.

Tahiry: Two different seasons, but we’re from Harlem. We’ve crossed paths before. Being on set, I actually reached out to Jim for the role. I reached out to a few people. It was like a Dave East, I envisioned. I was able to read the script and see who I saw where. So I thought about Dave East, I thought about a Pusha-T, I thought about a Jim Jones. I thought about a Mack Wilds. I kind of used my network to figure out who I would place in what character. And Jim was it and I think Jim was an amazing decision. He was such a natural and I was like “He’s playing himself.”

AllHipHop: Is he playing your bae?

Tahiry: Yeah he’s playing one of my baes.

AllHipHop: So, y’all having y’all moments? Are y’all kissy face?

Tahiry: Ya’ll gotta tune in. He’s definitely playing my bae, because I ain’t sh-t. I’m using my sexuality to take advantage of men.

AllHipHop: Do you think that's a bad thing to do in real life?

Tahiry: Once you watch, you will think its a horrible thing to do in real life.


More on Tahiry in AllHipHop soon.