Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: Fabolous shows us the Fabolous Life

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Welcome back. Tale of the Tape is here once again to give you the idea of just what you can expect off this mixtape grind. As you know, anyone can put out a mixtape, and trust me, through these honorable ears I am saving you from inner Hip-Hop damage. When you aren’t getting those cold shakes from wasting your time putting something on your MP3 player, no need to thank me, just keep it honorable by checking out the column.

This week we get started with German producer Shuko’s The Foundation. Afterwards we follow up with Fabolous, whose gives us a look at his Fabolous Life. Jim Jones gives us a tour of his own life with Heron 3:16. Newcomer Outasight gives us an idea of what to expect getting us From Here To There. Ending this week is DJ Greg Street , who is definitely Sertified Worldwide. Let’s go, word to Diddy.


The Foundation

Peep It

For those who refuse to look past their own pavement, Hip-Hop has spread from the streets to New York to all over the world. Because of that, there are Hip-Hop artists, producers specifically, from the international market getting some burn by some of your favorite artists. German producer Shuko happens to be one of them. Having tracks from a differing range of artists from Talib Kweli & Rakim (“Getting Up Anthem Remix”), Skyzoo (“Strung Out”), and Big Noyd, Phil The Agony, and Krondon (“All Out”), there is a good selection here.


Fabolous Life

Peep It

You know the reason why Hip-Hop fans can’t spell fabulous right? F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S should ring a bell. Even if the name isn’t spelled right, we rock with him anyway because the tommy gun flow he displays at will. For those listeners who need a primer before his album, Loso’s Way, hits stores, look no further than Fablous Life. Contained is almost every single radio appearance that he has had over the years, and there is a lot. From older tracks such as “Super Woman” to newer tracks like “I Luv Ya Girl”, this is a solid listen.

Jim Jones

Street Religion Heron 3:16

One & Done

The trudge to the spotlight has been a rather long one for Jim Jones. Since appearing as that odd guy in Cam’Ron’s “Horse & Carriage” video, he has slowly taken a little bit more shine until finally crafting a hit in “We Fly High” in 2006. Through that, he secured a major label deal with Sony and began working on his latest album Prey IV Reign. With such a title, one could only wonder how he could lose….right. Well, Street Religion Heron 3:16Jones really doesn’t really impress anyone. “Na Na Nana Na” no thanks.


From There to Here

Heavy Rotation

Outasight isn’t your usual Hip-Hop artist. At first glance, he looks more comfortable on the cover of a Hollister ad than mixtape cover. However, once you uncover the music, you find that he has got some good stuff to spit (“Fame & Fortune”). “People Places Things” off his upcoming album sounds quite interesting with his harmonic 16’s. As usual, Mick Boogie gets up with another artist and crafts one of the best mixtapes of the month. No surprise here.

Greg Street

Sertified Worldwide

Heavy Rotation

Dj Greg Street is never one to shy from the limelight. To catch some more of it, he has recently released Sertified Worldwide. This one has plenty of remixes that feature some of your favorite artists such as Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Keri Hilson (“Turnin Me On”), Lupe Fiasco, Wale, and Kardinall Official (“Dope boyz”) and Yung Joc (“Drop It Down Low”). This has plenty of listen to, and only a few dim spots (“Old School Chevy” specifically). This one can stick in the rotation for a while.

Tale Of The (Mix)Tape:

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