Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: Jadakiss Puts Boxing Gloves Back On, Best Of Qtip

AllHipHop Staff

Amazing isn’t it? Just when you think when you have a handle on music, something arrives and throws your thought process asunder. Hopefully, Tale of the Tape has been able to do that for you with this mixtape game. Even if it hasn’t flipped your wig professor, you are definitely more honorable each week for catching it.

Speaking of being enlightened, there are some heavily anticipated mixtapes that gave way to hot music this week. J. Period and Q – Tip sat up for two years to drop The[Abstract] Best. Drake tries to leave us So Far Gone while Jay-Z and Bill Withers get together on The BillPrint. Freshman extraordinaire Blu provides love sounds with HerFavoriteColo(u)r, all while Al Qaeda Jada tells us to Kiss My Ass.

The [Abstract] Best

J.Period & Q-Tip

Heavy Rotation

Sometimes there is a mixtape that isn’t just about the music. When The [Abstract] Best is listened to cover to cover, it becomes less a collections of songs, but a story. This chronicle is not only pushed by old group favorites (“Check The Rhyme”), production (“Give Up The Goods”) and solo shots (“Vibrant Thing”), but a certain soul that embodies the tape. The [Abstract] Best will stand among the few to be remembered past 2009. Anyone who needs a primer on Q-Tip, and a Hip-Hop history lesson intertwined with good music, give this a listen. As a matter of fact, just listen to this one even if you don’t.

So Far Gone


Heavy Rotation

For the title of The Honorable One, I could never figure out why Drake wasn’t mentioned in everyone’s fresh faces to look out for list. Perhaps it’s because he is from the far north (Toronto, Canada to be exact), and not a Yankee. Anyway, the kid has talent, and it definitely shows on So Far Gone. It can shine when he is paired up with Young Money boss Lil Wayne (“Successful”) and when he is on his own (“Say Whats Real”). Those who expect a Comeback Season 2 may feel disappointed with a lack of the underground feel, but this still bangs in the whip.

The BillPrint

Jay-Z & Bill Withers

Peep It

The Billprint. It’s definition: a combination of Jay-Z and Bill Withers. A quick history lesson to the youngsters who have never opened their ears before, Bill Withers gets it in. You have heard his work sampled at least once and his songs covered by your favorite singer twice. For those who are expecting a combination of “Aint No Sunshine” sample cuts, prepare to be surprised. Producer Isbjerg went for more, getting tracks such as “Harlem” and “Better Off” to mesh with “The Takeover” and “Never Change” respectively. Whenever someone can dig in the crates and make a solid product, I can’t get mad. Isbjerg did his thing here. The only knock you can find on this one is its too short.



Peep This

Blu is easily top three of the newest talents coming into this Hip-Hop game. He seems to be constantly evolving, especially as of late, adding the title of producer to his list of skills. To tack on some work to the resume, he has released HerFavoriteColo(u)r. For those in a relationship it rings home, full of angry recollections (“Amnesia”) and surrounded by the sweet memories (“Untitled (LovedU) 2”) we hold dear. It doesn’t rank among his best, as some of the production feels spotty at best (“Pardon”) and there isn’t too much rapping, but whenever you’re going through it with the old lady, this won’t hurt to rotate.

Kiss My Ass


Heavy Rotation

Jadakiss was never to be messed with. Anyone who tried always ended up on the receiving end of a never-ending punchline tirade. Even if it has been a while since his last solo album effort, he has been holding down the world with his mixtapes. Kiss My Ass is no exception, as Jada doesn’t hesitate to go in. Jada murders track (“Child Abuse”) after track (“Can't Stop Me”), while Styles P even gets in on the action (“The People”). Keep this one in the changer until The Last Kiss drops.


Tale of the Tape 02.18.09