Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: Jay-Z + Coldplay: Classic, Rick Ross Looses His Trill

On this historical week we have an appealing selection of artists. Jay-Z and Coldplay are mashed together by Mick Boogie in Viva La Hova. Lloyd Banks drops the second part of his Return Of The PLK series, Halloween Havoc. Rick Ross gives us Maybach Music Pt 2: More Than Rap and DJ Premier has gotten into his own swing on the politics with Time For Change.

As always each mixtape is given a rating. Heavy Rotation is a rating that signals a mixtape champion. At the other end of the spectrum lies D.O.A (Drop on Arrival) signaling that any attempt of listening should cease and desist and the listener may need some cue tips to get the wack juice from their eardrums. Music after the jump.

Jay Z & Coldplay

Viva La Hova

Heavy Rotation

There are few better at the blend tape than Mick Boogie. He blessed the masses with Biggie’s Unbelievable and caught the ear of the industry. His latest blend, Viva La Hova is one of the smoothest mash ups to come out since The Grey Album; yes I said it. Combining both the sensibilities of two of the biggest music acts in the world, Coldplay and Jay-Z, each track has an organic feel. Some of the standouts may include “XYZ”, “Cold Success”, and “Ignorant Science”, but the entire tape is done close to perfection. Other DJ’s should take note with their bland blends; the Commissioner smacked the game with this one.

Rick Ross

Maybach Music Pt 2: More Than Rap

One And Done

“N****s will learn…TRILLAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. It’s a shame that the year of 2008 for Rick Ross will be known for his past life as correctional officer instead of his extremely solid Trilla. His Latest, Maybach Music Pt.2: More Than Rap isn’t quite the cook up that Trilla gave us. Its’ selection is a tad drier (“Paper Planes” into “Swagger Like Us”), and his rhymes seem just less sincere. It also doesn’t help that he has Birdman coming through on every other track with the patented “I’m a CEO on the mic” flow; shout out to Puff. Even though you’re going to get some good verses (“Green Light”) that make it worth a listen, The Big Bauce doesn’t deliver that good dope he claims to have gotten rich off of.

Lloyd Banks

Halloween Havoc

Heavy Rotation

Lloyd Banks has turned up the heat lately. Only two months removed from Return Of The PLK, he releases Halloween Havoc. He goes hard on tracks like "Shine Through" where he manipulates the heavy strings with his machine gun flow. Watch out for "Need To Be 1" where Lloyd takes a different take on the latest Lil Wayne single "Comfortable". For listeners craving to hear the type of punchlines that made him a mixtape monster, Halloween Havoc satisfies that itch. Banks is finally turning his career from a hot disappointment back to that rapper that used to burn our rewind buttons. Let's see how long this last though.

Stat Quo

The South Has Something To Say

Peep It

For those who remember, this is the Atlanta based MC who signed with Dr. Dre. As many previously Aftermath artists, he has sat on the shelf longer than baby pictures. So for Stat to name his tape The South Has Something Say might be a reach. But there are times he really shines, like tracks “Time 2 Get Paid” and “The Sun”. However joints like “Gutta Sh*t” slow down the momemtum. Even though Stat doesn’t create a classic, The South Has Something To Say should get at least a listen.

DJ Premier

Time For Change

Peep It

One thing that will be good about our new presidential elect will be the end of the Obama based mixtapes. We all are for change but the pimp Obama for press is played. Even so, it’s good that Premo decided to release this one. Within are tracks by Scarface (“Emeritus”), Little Brother (“Bless The Child”), and Ludacris (“Undisputed”), so you don’t have to be worry about making more room in your coaster drawer. Even if there are a few tracks that may have you napping,*cough* Big Shug (“When I Strike”) *cough*, this is still some solid music to ride to leaving the polls to the celebration parties.

Tale Of The Tape 11.03.08