Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: Kanye Gets High, Chamillionaire Returns To Greatness


Turkey day is tomorrow. Hip-Hop has a lot to be thankful for, and near the top of the list for you has to be Tale of the Tape. Unlike most who try to toe some imaginary line, you can count on me to keep it honorable. I mean, check the name haters.

Speaking of honorable, Tale of the Tape this week leads off with Kanye West, minus the auto-tune debauchery. The “Mixtape Messiah” Chamillionaire gives us his fifth attempt of Rap rapture. Uncle Murder catches more bodies, Paul Wall stays posted up like a memo, and we finally find out who the f*** is B.O.B..

Kanye West, Plain Pat, DJ Benzi

Sky High

Heavy Rotation

Kanye has you fooled if you think that auto-tune mess is the business. For those not tricked by the light, and still want to enjoy ‘Ye post T-Lame, DJ Benzi and Plain Pat deliver it with Sky High. There isn’t any new material, but this is a very good blend tape filled with some trendy remixes courtesy of A-Trak, Cookin Soul and a host of others. Yup, nothing really disappoints on this, as the remixes for “Get Em High” & “Good Morning” really stand out. Throw this in when you’re with real friends and leave that 808’s & Heartbreak for the ham and eggers who will now start rocking raccoon tails. Word to Super Mario 3.


Mixtape Messiah 5

Heavy Rotation

Call me crazy but Mixtape Messiah was always a title too big for Chamillionaire. Even so, to say that he isn’t a beast on the tapes would disservice the whole game. Mixtape Messiah 5 keeps that respect going. From singing ("Land Of The Screwed"), going off ("Keep Hating Pt. 2"), to humor ("Roy Jones Jr."), we get different looks from Koopa. The great thing about the series is the fact he is willing to take chances ("Internet Nerd Brother"), giving you a better angle at his ability on these mixtapes, than his rigid albums. Hopefully we can see more of this Cham instead of the guy who won that Ultimate Victory.

Uncle Murder

Back On My Bullsh*t

One & Done

Bullsh*t is right. Wow.

Paul Wall

International Hustle

Peep It

Once toted as the next great white hype, Paul Wall caught a hot brick with his last album Get Money Stay True. And now that the iced out grills are out the door we get International Hustle. Unfortunately DJ Cuzito doesn’t give you anything outside Paul’s usual “punching the clock, hitting the block, and staying posted like diamonds in a watch” jibber jabber (“Comin Down”). Along for the hustle are Scarface (“High Powered“), Three Six Mafia (“I Got It”), Chamillionaire (“Diamonds Exposed“) and Lil Wayne (“I‘m A Boss“). The clock is ticking.


Who The F*&k is B.O.B

Peep It

Who is B.O.B? Beyond being from Atlanta, and sounding like Andre “I Act Not Rap 3000” Benjamin, we really don’t know much about the guy. He tries to answer that question with another question on Who The F*&k Is B.O.B. He starts things off by taking on his label boss T.I. on "I’m Dat N****". This is followed by the powerful “Generation Lost” which answers that question just who is he. It starts to slowly lose its air until his verse on “Sittin On Top Of The World”. It seems the middle of the tape is dedicated not to exploring who B.O.B. is, but who his haters are. Newsflash Bobby, you don’t get the real haters until you hit the Billboard charts. So work on that first, thanks.

Tale Of The Tape

Tale of the Tape 11.25.08