Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: T.I. Finds Even More Redemption...In Jeezy We Trust

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then I am going to shoot it down with better accuracy than a Navy Seal.

This week we remember T.I is going to be Gone Till November. Young Jeezy and his corporate thugs try to get us to believe In Shield We Trust 2. Hip-Hop bully 50 Cent takes a shot as The Undertaker. La the Darkman shows us what Living Notoriously could sound like. Last but not least, fem fatale Rece Steele makes a case for herself with It's A Man's World. Tale of the Tape is definitely cash like a drug dealer’s stash.


Gone Till November

Heavy Rotation


seems to be in a push to get it all out of his system. For those with a

short memory, T.I is about to go up north for his gun possession

charges. Regardless of what you think about what his time should be, or

the case specifics, you have to agree Hip-Hop will be at a loss until

he returns. His latest, Gone Till November is full of music T.I has made since his platinum effort Paper Trail.

His tracks with guests shine (“#1” & “Just Think”) and as usual,

his party tracks are good listens (“Party Ain’t A Party”). One of the

only knocks to this are the constant drops by the Trap-A-Holics. If you

can ignore them, you are left with a pretty solid product.

Young Jeezy

In Shield We Trust 2

Heavy Rotation


Hip-Hop it must be an unwritten rule to bring your people on. Every

star has done it in one way or another, whether by giving them mixtape

shine to giving them the push to make whole albums. Young Jeezy isn’t

any different, as his Corporate Thugs imprint has effectively been “put

on” by the rapper. In Shield We Trust 2 is the next

outlet to hear the CTE “movement”. The leader is quite impressive here

(“Turn My Scale On”) as he continues to be Hip-Hop's #1 dopeboy. The

rest of the crew hold it down like Slick Pulla (“Gutta Butta”), Blood Raw(“Where Ya Swag At”), and Bama (“I Know How To Surf”). Jeezy gives his troops plenty of room to stretch their legs, and they don’t disappoint.

50 Cent

The Undertaker

Heavy Rotation

It’s undisputable at

this point. 50 Cent is at his best when he is in the middle of some

beef. It allows his comedic and terrorizing sides to shine, as he is

just that relentless when it comes to whoever decided to match wits

with him. Let’s be honest, he just isn't as memorable when he isn't

steeped in some sort of high profile squabble. Hevehitta put together

some of 50’s best disses (“Funeral Music” & “Tia Told Me”) as well

as some important tracks that introduces us to the Queens MC (“How to

Rob”). It just isn’t a basic compilation, it creatively paints the

picture of his come up and later dominance in the game.

La The Darkman

Living Notoriously

Heavy Rotation

For someone who has

only released one album, LA The Darkman has made his fair share of

rounds within this industry. The Wu-Tang affiliated artist has made the

leap from underground artist, to executive as the president of DJ

Drama’s AMG music group. When he decides to release material, it’s

often home to some hard hitting, gritty underground NY flow. Living Notoriously

is no different, as it’s filled with some good rhymes (“La The Dark”),

solid production (“Ya'll Ain't Ready”), and of course, DJ Drama doing

his legendary drops. Like most other Gangsta Grillz, Living Notoriously is built for the car.

Rece Steele

It’s A Man’s World

Peep It

It has

been a while since the femcee has had the type of mainstream shine that

other eras had produced. While there may be more women doing it, it

seems like none can really dig into the sales, respect and appeal that

Lil Kim or Queen Latifah had. Hoping to step onto the national

spotlight, artist Rece Steele already got the eyes of many winning

VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme. Her first effort after being crowned, It’s A Man’s World,

shows some lyrical dexterity (“Flow”) as well as some radio/club appeal

(“Spend It On Me”). This won’t be a mixtape that holds down the fort

too long, but it’s worth a listen.


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