Tale Of The (Mix)Tape: Wayne & Juelz Still Can't Feel Their Face, Math Knocks Another Out

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How is it rolling people? The Honorable is back with that real to keep your mixtape game on point with Tale of the Tape. You already know what it is, each week we show off 5 tapes, rate them from dope (Heavy Rotation) to lame ( D.O.A or Dead on Arrival) and drop that playlist at the bottom of the column that will give you about a 45 minute sampler from this week’s selection to let you decide for yourself. Who else does that?

This week, we begin with Lil Wayne and Juelz whose Face Cant Be Felt. Next is Styles P the ghost displaying his Phantom Empire. Charles Hamilton tells us At Most I'm Just... while Camp Lo is Stone & Rob Caught On Tape. To finish up this week, Math Hoffa gives all wack rappers toe tags when All Competition Must Die. We keep it fresh.

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana

My Face Can't Be Felt

Peep It

I remember when these two were supposed to have an album together. In the span between the supposed album, Lil Wayne has become one of the most popular rappers in the world, while Juelz Santana's buzz has dwindled into oblivion. My Face Can't Be Felt certainly shows why they work well as a tandem (“Bonafide Hustla”), as well as they can showcase themselves on the right beats (“He Rap He Sang” & “That Thang”). However, there are some damp spots that may let you play certain tracks while skipping others (“Maybach Music 2”).

Styles P

Phantom Empire

Heavy Rotation

Styles P may just be the hardest out. When it comes to the punchlines, the emcee out of Yonkers has the ability to hit you across the head with line after line, with that carnivorous street flow (“The People”) you can’t get anywhere else. Phantom Empire features nothing different, as it’s got the L.O.X rapper going for it on several different beats (“Day N Nite”). This is nothing but what you expect from Styles, so you already know this is one to stay in the player for a while.

Charles Hamilton

At Most I'm Just...

Peep It

Charles Hamilton seems to be unable to keep himself out of the light. After trying to take Soulja Boy to task, something the sales had already accomplished, he tried to get at Rhymefest. That was a move that no one would have recommended, as Rhymefest is nasty when it comes to that battle rap. Anyway, At Most I’m Just… is a little bit different from your average Charles Hamilton mixtape, at least sonically. Good rhymes (“The Incubator”), yet same subject matter (“Friendly Reminder”), Sega drops, mixed with a rock influence. Not bad, but the footsteps of oversaturation are nearing.

Camp Lo

Stone & Rob Caught On Tape

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It is tough to find a group that took the term sophomore slump more serious than Camp Lo. After releasing what is arguably a classic, both Geechie Sway and Sonny Chiba fell off further than a suicide aficionado on the Sears Tower. However, throughout the years they have displayed some bursts of the talent we saw back in the day. Stone & Rob Caught On Tape provides with some dope tracks (“On Smash”), and while it isn’t Uptown Saturday Night (“Ski Hi”), it is still worth sitting for a few spins in the disc player.

Math Hoffa

A.C.M.D (All Competition Must Die)

Peep It

NY has a different vibe than most other citys for new rappers. While in other cities, its more usual to drop mixtape after mixtape and try to climb on to shows, many NY rappers start out battling on the block. Math Hoffa is no exception, and after a few legendary SMACK DVD appearences, he drops A.C.M.D. (All Competition Must Die). While there are some so so tracks that feel out of place (“Like Bama”), the good outweighs the bad (“Name Game”), especially if you feel the modern New York rapper.

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