Talib Kweli Issues An Explanation And Denies Res Sexual Harassment Claims

Talib Kweli has come forward with a detailed explanation on the legal Battle between him and his former artist Res.

(AllHipHop Features) Rapper Talib Kweli was caught up in a scandal last week, when singer Res accused him of sexual harassment on Twitter.

Res was an artist on Talib's independent label Javotti Media, until a contractual dispute arose.

Res sued Kweli, claiming he sexually harassed her and was withholding her music in retaliation for refusing his advances.

Talib issued a statement on Twitter, but now he has come forward with detailed proof, along with an explanation of how the scenario unfolded.

In a statement, Talib Kweli said Res first owed the EP "Refried Mac" and then owed the delivery of a full length 12 track album tentatively entitled "Reset."

"Refried Mac" was delivered to Javotti Media, while "Reset" never materialized.

While certain tracks were in the process of being produced, a fully mixed and mastered album was never delivered by Res to Javotti Media or Talib and this remains the topic of the litigation pending against Res.

Talib said he was only forced into court action after attempts to "amicably and fairly settle" failed.

Then, Javotti was forced to bring a lawsuit against Res for money owed to Talib by her and to enforce the terms of the parties’ contractual agreement.

In reply, Talib has declared Res made false claims of sexual harassment, which were wholly without merit and were dismissed by the Court pursuant to the motion to dismiss filed by Talib’s attorney.

“Res was dropped from my label Javotti Media in 2013 for disrespecting my employees and for failing to turn in an album I invested in. I am not holding her music because she never turned any music in, at all. In early 2014 Res started an IndieGogo campaign and sent a song featuring my vocals to fans without my permission as a reward. I asked her to stop using my verse, and she refused, so I sued her. Res then countersued saying that I sexually harassed her. I find her claim to be dubious in nature. Bogus.' - Talib Kweli

According to Talib, the “sexual harassment” claims made by Res was a legal tactic to "bully" him into dropping the lawsuit and into taking a loss on the tens of thousands of dollars spent out of pocket by Javotti Media and Talib in furtherance of Res’ musical career.

Reps for the rapper said:

"Court dismissed the claim outright over a year ago because Res failed to provide any evidence that would have given rise to even a colorable claim, as was her legal obligation to do so."

Talib's reps said Res failed to provide evidence because no such evidence exists, nor does any evidence exist from other alleged artists.

"Over a year ago, the judge in the case, Honorable Carolyn E. Wade, dismissed Res’ 3 claims against me, including the sexual harassment claim, NYSCEF doc number 37. Res has not accepted this outcome, so she is using smear tactics," said Talib Kweli.

According to a statement:

Res continued working with Talib after the point in time that she alleges he sexually harassed her and even recently desired to do shows with Talib, have him promote her music, and continue her professional relationship with him, to which Talib declined.

There was never a counterclaim that Res turned in her music. A settlement agreement was reached and a motion to enforce it is presently pending before the Court.

"Recently, she fired her lawyer in the other case, the one where she profited off of my music without my permission. So, now she is trying to use the #metoo movement to bully me into dropping my lawsuit against her.

"I fully and categorically deny any allegation of sexual harassment," Takib Kweli said.