Target Presents: Passion Pain and Pleasure Exclusive DVD Edition

September 14,2010 marked the debut of Grammy nominated recording

artists Trey Songz' fourth studio recorded album-Passion Pain and Pleasure.

Target offers a deluxe version of the album with bonus tracks and live

performances included. Target hosted this private release party in Atlanta at

Ventana's rooftop lounge. The venue was branded with larger than life size

photos of Trey including visual electronics channeled on Songz T.V.Even

the elevator music was a whispering version of Trey's latest single "Can't

Be Friends." Target's exclusive event created an opulent environment from all

imaginable angles.

Special Guest included: T.I, Jazzy Phae, Sean Garret, Bobby Valentino, Jalen

Rose, Nate Walker with music by DJ Don Cannon.

Upon arrival, confirmed media guests were escorted to the 15th floor to

await the arrival of Trey Songz. The scene began to fester when the press

realized that Trey was approaching the red carpet. Songz' lured photographers in

with his impressive attire and a dazzling smile that spoke to the cameras.

Usually Trey releases albums with a two year window in between projects

however, Passion Pain and Pleasure dropped only a year after he introduced the

world to his third album, Ready. I asked why this album was debuted so

close in proximity to the last?

Trey Songz: Things didn't go according to our master plan, and those

albums weren't intended to be released when they were. Back then we were still

ironing out the kinks and getting things in place. The release of this album has been a trending topic on twitter and Trey never

revealed that he would be unavailing; what he considers his best work yet in

Atlanta. asked Trey was there any rhyme or reason to his decision to

celebrate the birth of Passion Pain and Pleasure in Atlanta?

Trey Songz: Atlanta is the breeding ground for artists who are aspiring to

conquer their careers and its also a vital part of our culture. Not only is this

a second home for me but Atlanta is where I get an exceptional amount of work


Trey admits this album is very sexual and he reveals some of his hidden

truths in Passion Pain and Pleasure. With such a charismatic outlook on his

album I was curious to know if Trey has ever had sex to the sound of his own


Trey Songz: Not intentionally, one instance it was on shuffle and at first

it was kind of awkward but then I found myself critiquing my music with ears wide open listening closely for rifts and errors. Is that arrogant [laughter]?

I joked with Trey about the Title of his album suggesting that it was bit of

a tongue twister. I ended on a lighter note by challenging Songz' to describe

his fourth album in three words or less without using its title. [Smiling and

laughing] Trey replies: Trey Songz: Now why would I do that? It's Passion, Pain and Pleasure, well

let's see...I would say Sensual, Intimate,'s that?