TEC Is A Poetic Activist That’s Also About Those URL BARS!

TEC is here, but he has a new way to move, through all of the drama.

Interview by Slops

Baton Rogue artist TEC is the purveyor of “Poetic Activism,” a form of Hip-Hop that offers “deft rhymes and hypnotic melodies,” a represent states. More bluntly, the rapper comes from the streets, but offers a style straight from the mud. In some ways, he’s a throwback in that he doesn’t glorify what he has been through, nor does he floss needlessly. One of his songs caught the ear of mogul Master P and it seemed like he was on his way, but things didn’t go as planned.

“I was f#ckin’ with P. I thought everything was cool…I thought I was gone. I was out there f#ckin’ with P, out there I California. And I get hit with a second degree murder charge, armed robbery charge. Then end up dropping the murder charge, but I ended up doing three years on the robbery sh#t,” TEC, the New Orleans spitter says from WonWorld Studios in New York City. “I came home and tried to pick up where I left off at, but it wasn’t the same”

In 2015, he came back with a team, releasing, several projects that garnered Spider Nation, LLC. millions in views. However, today has TEC as a solo artist and he’s doing it for dolo, but still has the same qualities that made him popular to begin with. “Pay Up” has amassed 3.5 million views, “Thru The Storm” exploded past 17 million views. His mixtape game isn’t too shabby either with Web Life and Web Life 2. TEC says he’s ready for whatever. “That’s what this sh#t’s about - bars,” as he tells interviewer Slops that he’s got whole albums “in the tuck.” He says he’s even been studying battle leagues like URL too. “I’m more than just a rapper. I’m a poetic activist. I just be always trying to make good music, but keep the bars.”

Get familiar with TEC in this exclusive interview.

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