Temperature's Rising: Nave "Cosby Kids"

Today, as you well know, is the debut of NFL Sunday for the 2015 season. Right now you are rightfully obliterating your 25th buffalo wing with a Bud Light in the other hand prepared to wash it down. Aside from praising the Lord, this is what Sundays are for. This is the day when men (and women) can keep their button-downs and slacks in the closet in favor of a stained wife beater or jersey and embrace the bliss of uncivilized behavior. 99.9% of all NFL fans are extremely curious to see what the Philadelphia Eagles will do this season. During Chip Kelly's tenure as head coach, the team has parted ways with DeSean Jackson, LeSean Mccoy, Jeremy Maclin, and their quarterback Nick Foles. They are now starting Sam Bradford at quarterback, and even if you aren't an obsessive St. Louis Rams fan like me, you know that in the past Bradford has been so injury prone that if one were to sneeze too loud within slight vicinity of him, he would go down with a season-ending injury. And Bradford's backup, just in case the aforementioned scenario does happen and Bradford somehow tears a third ACL and defies what we've previously thought about human anatomy (humans only have two) is Mark Sanchez. Approaching his seventh year in the league, Sanchez's greatest accomplishment as a professional is dating Meadow Soprano, and his greatest failure would vary depending on who you talked to, but most would say his infamous "butt fumble" against the Patriots (in Sanchez's defense, maybe the ball was deflated). To put it short, Chip Kelly is either a mad scientist or just plain mad, and The Eagles' season is going to be a must-see spectacle.

But Chip and his "revolutionary" techniques aren't the only things buzzing in Philly at the moment (Lord knows the Sixers aren't buzzing anytime soon). As everyone knows, Philly has long produced premiere hip hop talent like Beanie Sigel, Meek Mill, Will Smith, and of course the group of Chip Kelly-esque mad scientists the legendary Roots crew. Nave is in the process of making major moves to add his name to that legendary fold. He has already performed at the World Cafe Live venues in both Philly and Delaware. A veteran of the BKS1 Radio BBQ in New Jersey, Nave seems like he's going places and seems to grasp the finite details of what it takes for an artist to maneuver his way to the top of the hip hop ranks while keeping his creativity in tact in the process. Nave is not a variation of the word "naive." Not in the slightest.

I first came across Nave not long ago when I heard his new single "Cosby Kids." Even more so than The Fresh Prince or arguably Ben Franklin (might be a stretch, but hey, so is starting a supremely injury prone quarterback), Bill Cosby might very well be the most famous Philadelphian in the year 2015. Surprisingly, the single was written months before the Bill Cosby scandal and therefore does not address it in the song itself. However, the video is a stunning criticism of the drama surrounding Bill Cosby and exhibits an insightful message about a man who most of the nation once regarded as a hero not very long ago at all.


Nave commented on his own video on Youtube, stating: "Holistically, the video represents the simplicity of childhood and how things change when we get older but the girls also represent how Nave’s memories of Cosby are tainted. And ultimately that’s the risk of romanticizing the past, knowing that things may not have been quite what they seemed."

Functioning as just a mere taste of the delectable Espresso Nave, Nave speaks to the human condition with "Cosby Kids" and soon, will leave even the most casual hip hop fans begging for more. Unlike rappers attempting to make it big without an ounce of love for the craft, Nave seems to grasp the importance of the genre in a worldly scope, and it is evident in his music.

If you're feeling Nave's "Cosby Kids" and the video, make sure to stay tuned for Espresso Nave. You can preview it below:

And as always, if you're feeling Nave but naive, make sure to follow his movements on the interwebs:

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