Temperature's Rising: Standing Ovation (SO)

A wise man once asked me "how can something be 'retro' if everybody ascribes to in the contemporary age>" That wise man was actually my 9 year old cousin, but I couldn't help but think he had a good point. So many people rock retro Air Jordans nowadays that what's the point of calling them retro in the first place? 9 year olds do a whole lot of bitching, wining, and loud noise when you are just trying to watch the Laker game without committing domestic homicide, but they are occasionally wise beyond their years.

Aside from hypebeasts making it their lifes' mission to buy the 11's in every possible colorway, artists that make it their mission to revisit the golden sounds of the past are most often times making a fruitful decision. Standing Ovation, also known as SO, consists of LA native The Character and producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia. Exuding a smooth retro feel and Hip Hop that goes far beyond the genre's traditional limits, SO are making a big splash with their new EP, Echo Park.


Described by one writer as “Full Moon Funk,” Echo Park is dripping with chemistry and features the duo pushing boundaries and inviting listeners to ponder the difficult questions about life, the universe and literally everything in between. Shrouded in mystery and endlessly engaging, Echo Park realizes moments of rap mastery interweaving nicely with ambient soundscapes that feel like they're ripped straight from the 70s. Aside from the genre-bending sounds, there is something distinctly appealing about the SO experience that is sure to capture even the most hardened imagination.

Stream the record: https://soundcloud.com/100so/sets/echo-park