Temperature's Rising: We R The Lost

What the fuck is going on in Milwaukee? Up until 2014, I never once thought about Milwaukee or even Wisconsin as a real state, only one of those placeholders on the U.S. map that make places like California, Texas, New York, or Louisiana look all the more luminous. I really can't explain my ignorance, as like you probably did, I grew up watching "That 70's Show" and pre-creep Brett Favre throw touchdown after touchdown with a bunch of fans screaming with cheese hats. I even remember the Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks' days, before he went on to shoot corner treys with seemingly 100% precision for every other team in the NBA. That's all sports related, but ever since Jabari Parker and Jason Kidd headed over to The Bucks, the hip hop scene in Milwaukee has blossomed. As I sit here watching Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears run in for a goal line score against The Green Bay Packers, with newly hired John Fox screaming from the sidelines, hoping the Bears won't be the "WE ARE LOST" team of a year ago, I am compelled to write about (yes) some more hot Milwaukee hip hop, We R The Lost.


We R The Lost mastermind Jon Briggz has come forth to unintentionally form a movement, not about Milwaukee awareness education, but reaching out and giving a sense of meaning to not only his crew but fans as well. Embracing A Tribe Called Quest feel, Briggz is educated in the art of moving bonita applebum butts with dance-minded tracks, but also skilled in intellectual excursions with lyrics to go. The combination allows for an instinctive intellectual travel through the paths of rhythm, and hot sex on a platter for when the time calls for it. We R The Lost's new record Still Lost sees the group coming together to form impactful hip hop that runs the gamut of emotions and ideas. Able to place party anthems next to political epics, the duo are nothing short of fascinating. In a time when hip hop artists are able to experiment like never before, yet many are content to ride the rehashed wheel to success, it's exceedingly easy to appreciate a group like We R The Lost.


Jon Briggz never intended to start a movement when he formed The Lost with his brothers and close friends. He merely wanted to express the way they lived. A rebuttal to the criticisms levied at him and his friends for their party first attitude, perceived lack of drive and indifference to academics, politics and religion. While others negatively labeled him and his friends as lost, Jon Briggz decided to embrace and embody the concept.The result was two mixtapes and countless freestyles recorded over a two year period and released by various members of The Lost. Jon Briggz and The Lost performed in local venues and shot several videos for the various projects during this time. However, without leadership and guidance, the vision of The Lost became lost itself in the distractions of life and the group went their separate ways. As each member struggled alone they realized that their message resonated beyond their close circle. The stories of others who felt lost was something each one of them related to. Much like them, the individuals they met were looking for something that was missing, something they couldn’t quite figure out on their own. Each member came to the conclusion that the concept of The Lost was much bigger than them, and from the ashes of the former group, We R The Lost was formed.


Using powerful soundscapes alongside hard hitting rhythms, We R The Lost are similar to artists like Lupe Fiasco and Logic. In terms of flow, their clear enunciation gives their rhyme schemes a Masta Ace/Eminem vibe. To bite Jay, a lot of rappers scribble down on a notepad and create their lives, but when listening to We R The Lost you get a real sense of legitimacy in their music, which is probably why their music has resonated so strongly in their local scene (a locale a didn't give two shits about up until a year ago). As the focal point for this rapidly growing Milwaukee hip hop scene, Briggz and his posse are already planning more projects to put Milwaukee on the hip hop map. Who knows? There could be a very well be a future scenario where Milwaukee hip hop is on its own award tour.


Despite all the overused Tribe references, I am no rap promoter, so if you dig the jams below then please clap along.

If you're feeling the beats, rhymes, and life of Jon Briggz & We R The Lost, check their rhymes/movements on the interwebs:

https://www.werthelost.com, (official)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Werthelost/1422396228065435, (facebook)
https://twitter.com/itzMeJonBriggz - (twitter)
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/still-lost/id988832109 - (iTunes)