Tha Dogg Pound: A Minute to Pray...

It?s a few days before the scheduled execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. Snoop, Daz and Kurupt are in the middle of doing all they can to save a man many believe is innocent. An effort we now know wasn't matched by those in power.

Since his Pharrell single two years ago, Snoop Dogg has tried to make the mic a pulpit and the LBC a "chuuch." Having reunited his initial sidekicks turned stars: Daz and Kurupt [as Tha Dogg Pound], all seems well in Doggyland. In support of Snoop's recent Chuuch compilation, DPG's and spoke on Stanley Williams, retaliation, and the Big Apple. Preach! Right about now everybody is talking about Tookie and his pending exectution. When did you first get into being affiliated with the Crips and how did you come to find out about Tookie?

Daz: I learned about Tookie when the movie Redemption [starring Jamie Foxx] came out. But I been Crippin? all my life. I was born into this. But just bein? from the streets we knew they was tryin? to execute the homey. Kurupt, do you remember when Snoop brought the Tookie situation to y?all?

Kurupt: Yeah we made a record, and Snoop was like, "We need to dedicate this to the big homey. He?s having a lot of good impact." How young were you?

Daz: All my cousins were into it. They put that rag on me. So I?m already Crippin? [before I was actually aware of it]. A lot of your raps are real aggressive, and real cutting edge. You are doing a lot to make people aware of Tookie's redemption. But if Tookie was a Blood would you still be trying to help him get free?

Kurupt: It has nothing to do with him Crippin?. This is about what he?s doing with his time now and his impact on the younger generation. He?s trying to help out. He?s trying to stop people from living the same life. That?s what it?s about. It?s not about whether he?s a Crip or a Blood. You're the guy opening with Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back. You are not known for having lots of compassion and forgiveness. So, what made you step up and reach out for Tookie?

Daz: Well, if you don?t stand up for something, you?ll fall for anything. A lot of people are speculating on the effect Tookie's execution could have on the streets. People are suggesting that prison guards might die, that cats might riot- what are your thoughts?

Daz: The police is real ready for this s**t. But there won?t be no riots. After 9/11, they not goin? for that s**t. They?re killin' muthaf**kas in the airports. No warning shots, nothin?. Talk to me about the creation of the new Snoop Chuuch project.

Daz: Snoop put it together. We was smokin? big, feelin? big... chiilin?. It was a beautiful thing. I love the way you attack the mic on "Real Soon" on the Chuuch compilation. After some critics have said you've lost that moxy on the mic, where are you finding it now?

Kurupt: The inspiration to do that comes from my homeboy. When we?re together, we're the greatest. We bring the best out of one another. I?m tryin? to put it down good. I heard y?all ripped The Apollo...

Kurupt: Yes sir. It was Snoop's show. But me, Daz and Soopafly was on there too. Bein? in New York, you can?t help but be on fire. New York either brings the best out ya, or it takes the best outta ya. [chuckles] How are you received in New York after all the years of drama?

Kurupt: Everyboy's cool with Kurrupt in New York. We was all young back then. We all grew up. Even when "New York, New York" was out, people was showing me love. I never had a problem with New York, just a few individuals. But I get love out here all the time. A lot of people have been talking about Foxy Brown. Have you spoken to her or seen her lately?

Kurupt: No. But I?ve heard everybody is doing their best to help her get back where she needs to be. I send her my best. I would not wish that on anybody.

Adisa Banjoko is author of the upcoming book Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion. For more info visit!