The 20 Best Rap Albums From 20 Years Ago

For those 365 days, for better and for worse, Hip-Hop was a powerful force. Over the course of that year, a lot happened. 

Allhiphopcom September 20, 2015

The 20 Best Albums From 20 Years Ago

Sunday, January 1, 1995 to Sunday, December 31, 1995.

One one hand, Hip-Hop continued to grow as acts from all around the country were seeing both critical and commercial success. Plus, rap was making an impact in more places than just radio stations and record stores. Among other things, Will Smith was a household name because of a hit sitcom on network television, Russell Simmons dropped the acclaimed rap documentary The Show, and Ice Cube's stoner classic Friday was released.

But things were not all good. On the flip side of things, some of the low points were that Yo! MTV Raps ended, Suge Knight made his infamous speech at The Source Awards, Eazy-E and Buffy (of the Fat Boys) passed away, and the bi-coastal rivalry between the East and West coasts began to rear it's ugly head.

he reason for all this attention though, first and foremost was the music. And with 1994 being a huge year for Hip-Hop too and some albums still riding that wave of success (i.e. Ready to Die, Do You Want More?!!!??!, The Diary), the 9-5 definitely had its work cut out for it. It met the challenge though and now leaves AllHipHop with the challenge of ranking so much great music two decades after it dropped.

Here are the 20 best rap albums from 20 years ago. Check it out and let the debate begin!

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