The Beat Melee Battle #10 :Flexing Original Songs

Here we go again with round ten. We are ready to take the gloves off and fight raw fisted. A gang of songs poured into our email account ( this week. There is bound to be some controversy before this Melee ends. I'm sure because there were a bunch of crafty songs in the mix. Everyone's song was relatively dope. Everyone had mad talent and skills. Here are some things to consider before you listen to the other's tracks. Number one is, everybody cannnot be chosen. In a perfect world, we could post 40 or 50 songs and then ask the community members to sit in front of their computers for three hours so they can judge. But we all know it won't happen that way.Number two, we were partial to songs that had song elements of rap lyrics and resembled a case where you may have actually worked hand in hand with a rapper or artist. We got some cool remixes, but production is also about guiding a Emcee or singer during the process. So listen and if you feel your song beats all of these, post it in the comments and let the community big you up there. For next week's challenge, please submit to the same address, but we're going back to traditional three beat format. Three beats, two minute time limit, all playable from Gmail accounts. Show your range and your talents.As always check out for the latest in music production techincal tips, production humor, as well as a place to display your talents.Judge on....Name: Thomas "Heck" HecklerCommunity Name: HecklerHouse EntHometown: Vermont to Jersey to Oslo, NorwayMain weapon of choice: Whatever I get my hands onLength in the game: 3 yearsBrief Description of yourself: Producer/composer/engineer. out to Mala Reignz, and Elus!Represent BX Til I Die

Name: Raw PowerCommunity Name: Raw PowerHometown: Southside/ ChicagoMain weapon of choice: Roland Fantom X6, Ensoniqe Asr X Pro, Korg Triton Pro,Reason 3.0, Logic, Pro ToolsLength in the game: 4yrsBrief Description of yourself: I'll let the music speak for itself. Get 'em

Name:Tyrone Williams aka DJ Beatz, Community Name: djbeatzHometown: ?? Not submittedMain Weapon of Choice: I use Roland Juno G and Triton Extreme and Frutiy Loops..Length in the game: 4 yrsBrief Description of yourself: Some people might know me from crank dat crackhead. I produced the track as well as rapped as Tyrone Biggums. Dread Head