The Beat Melee Battle #11: Back to the Basics

What's up beatmakers/producers/ or whatever title your music rock? The Beat Melee is in full effect again this week, as we kick off another battle royal. Last week was pretty intense as it was all about the original song. The discussion in the comments got a little heated, but it's all love love. What was a very close race between Raw Power and HecklerHouseEnt int he beginning turned in to a run away win for HecklerHouse. Shout out to DJ Beatz for his joint too. He really had a nice track there. It's not all about being serious in Hip-Hop all the time so he definitely brought that fun perspective to the competition.Let us offer a few tips for submitting tracks. First, make sure that you send your beats so that they are playable through gmail. There is no time to download anything because of the volume of submissions. Second, make sure that your track will play correctly if at all. We got a lot of submissions that either wouldn't play at all, or were distorted. Lastly, please refrain from submitting on Tuesday night. Even though the battle posts on Wednesday, and your track will get heard, tracks are reviewed as they are submitted. So if you wait until the last second, 40 tracks have been heard before yours. Just a thought.After this next week, we will go into "The Playoffs" like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant. We will be calling on the previous winners to battle it out for a couple weeks to crown one champion before we start over again.Next week's battle will be only a ONE track submission. We want to hear the Hardest, Gun Toting, Block Rocking, Gangsta Beat, you can possibly produce. Think G-Unit, Early Ice-T, Geto Boys, or any other hard hitting rap group.As always check out for the latest in music production news, interviews, tech tips, as well as a place to upload and sell your music. Name: NoFace from Trackmates Production Community name : Traxcrash Hometown : East New York Brooklyn Weapon of choice ; Reason 4.0, Protools, Mpc 2000xl Long i have been making beats.. 4 years Check us out at That PiffCastlevania The BeatThe UltimateName: Masque AnonymousCommunity Name: Masque AnonymousHometown: Tucson, AZMain weapon of choice: FL Studio 8, Line6 kb37 guitar interface, Adobe AuditionLength in the game: 8Brief Description of yourself: Whether I've built the beat around a

guitar riff or a sample, I keep the focus on the song, and how to

express what the song is telling me in terms of mood, theme and

atmosphere. That's what makes a producer more than just a beat maker. Mala VitaFound Dead on the PhoneNightShiftingName: (J. Alexandre)Community Name: ( J. Alexandre)Hometown: ( Boston, Mass')Main weapon of choice: ( Sonar Cakewalk (Sequencing) )Length in the game: ( about 5 years)

Brief Description of yourself: ( 21 year old college student who moved to NY from Boston to do me at