The Beat Melee: Battle #5

Here we go again, trudging on into war. Last week's battle was utterly brutal. It was unfortunate to even have to pick a winner. It was closer than Barack and Hillary. Towards the end of the polls closing ( 12 am Saturday) Virus pulled out a tight one. Props to both producers though, who got crazy love and feedback from the community. Now, onto the business at hand. Once again, this contest is about uplifting each other in the same interest of production. Everybody cant be picked every week, so if you feel you got that fire, keep submitting and it will come through for you.The criteria for contestant choices is below, as well as the new warriors. Creativity: The drum patterns, the instrument flow, the vibe.Originality: Is this different or just the Timberland, Kanye, Neptunes, rip-off!!?Marketability: Can we imagine someone rhyming or singing on this beat?Structure: Changes, bridges, hooks etc.. Contestant #1Name: Assassin_Chief

Community Name: assassin_chief

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Main weapon of choice: Akai MPC 3000

Length in the game: since '92

Brief Description of yourself:........just a cat from tha' south who gets down wit' da' choppin'........3rd CommingAin't That Thuggin'ComeAndGetMeContestant #2Name: furious stylesCommunity Name: momandadproductionsHometown: Mckeesport pa(the burgh)Main weapon of choice: fl7 prod.edt.Length in the game: for as long as i can remember i have been doing music,only been dedicated to it 6monthsBrief Description of yourself: www.momanddadproductions@myspace I LOVE hip hop, eat sleep and breath it fam. I will stop at nothing to

bring to the game whats missing. Hiphop is supposed to be fun, bring

the fun back, we can bring the game back!MoneyPowerRespectKeep Bringing the heat...