The Beat Melee Battle #6

The battle rages on. Last week we had a head to head match up with Assassin the Chief and Furious Styles. Most of the comments gave props to Furious' originality but the vote tally went to Assassin the Chief for being what people would want to hear. Both producers deserve props for those banging tracks. For the next submission date ( Saturday March, 15th) we decided to switch it up a little so pay attention. Instead of just beats, we are tapping you track masters for remixes. This will really separate the true producers from those beatmakers sending us their top three Mp3s. So in tribute to the Notorious B.I..G. download this Biggie acpapella ( Kick in the Door) from this link below and create a masterpiece from it. The top 5 remixes will posted next Wednesday and the battle will commence. for this week, the rules for selection are as follows. * You must be a community member ( sign up is easy)*You must not be a professional producer with industry placements*Submit your remix to from Saturday until 12am Tuesday.* Complete the following form and include it in the emailName: ( The producer name you go by)

Community Name: ( The username you login with)

Hometown: ( Where you are reppin')

Main weapon of choice: ( What is your main tool or equipment)

Length in the game: ( How long you've been doing beats)

Brief Description of yourself: ( No more than 4 sentences. You may include your myspace address, but no other promotional text)

Beats will be Judged on:

Creativity: The drum patterns, the instrument flow, the vibe.

Originality: Is this different or just the Timberland, Kanye, Neptunes, rip-off!!?

Marketability: Can we imagine someone rhyming or singing on this beat?

Structure: Changes, bridges, hooks etc..

The winner each Wednesday is determined by the community votes in

the comment section. Members may also comment on the beats and provide

creative,constructive, positive feedback. Members may comment as many

times as they like, but their vote will only be counted once. Official

winners will be announced in the following battle. Voting for the battle stops at 12am est Saturday, however you may continue to comment.Contestant #1Name: Real Rellz

Community Name: real_rellz

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Main weapon of choice: Reason 3.0 , Roland Fantom X6

Length in the game: since 99'

Brief Description of yourself: I'm Just a cat from NC

makin his way thru the ranks of this music thing. I finally decided to

take it serious in 2005 and from now on.."here come dat raw" MoveUnorthodox What a NightContestant #2Name: CHuck LaWayne Community name: Chuck LaWayne Hometown: Chicago Main Weapon of choice: Fruity 5, M-audio keyboard controller, and tons of records Length in The Game: I've been doin this for 4 years now. Brief Discription of yourself: The next to take the Chi by storm since that guy called West! Mark my words. ( PresidentFriday NightReflections