The Beat Melee Battle #7: The Biggie Battle

Here we go again. First off, last week was another classic melee. Both producers brought their "A" game, but Chuck LaWayne ran off with the victory in the end. His sampling techniques put it over the edge.This week was crazy and we acknowledge in advance that somebody will be upset in the end. It's a tough decision because with all the submissions and different flavors, it's difficult to just narrow it down to only five. They all came in so dope, we extended the playlist, however we're not able to put all the usual information up due to space constraints. B.I.G. is a legend and he'd be proud of what was done with this acapella. MaestroKid KonnectTwenty20Ent.TheConnectFraternaltwinzBIG O BEATSLongevityThedisillusionistLEEN_1212SixteenbarsJ-GanfeelitallVote and Critque away, this one is difficult.