The Beat Melee Battle #8: Dre Dre Remixes

What's up producers? We are back again for another battle royal as usual. This week, we took an old sample from a Kanye West record, mixed with Dr. Dre's " Next Episode" to see what different beatmakers from around the world could do with it. On the honest tip, some of you need to learn how to pin point the tempo of a vocal. Some of the beats made us thing Snoop and Dre were rapping to a beat besides your own. It's all good though, that's the process of learning how to do this.Now, with everyone using the same elements, it was difficult to distinguish from who should be in the Melee this week, so we went with another mass competition. Many were right on the edge of being chosen however, so do not be discouraged. Check the tracks out below and please vote on the ONE you like best. If you want to place them in order or top three, that's fine, however, your top choice will be the one we count.For purposes of everyone knowing where these people are repping, we are posting their community name, and then the state or place in the world they represent.Lastly, for next week's battle, we are going back to straight beats. Peep the Scenario .....You get a phone call from two artists, KRS ONE, and T.I., and they both want a beat. Craft two beats, one for each artist based on their sound and style. Please label the beats when you submit and use the usual submission form. Depending on the amount of submissions, we will probably select 2- 4 contestants. Good luck.As always, log on to for the latest in music production news, interviews, and technical tips.DR. DRE and SNOOP "Next Episode" RemixesAssassin_Chief /Tennessee

B.H.B./Missouri BryanHamilton2005/Texas D@44thp Toronto/Canada Fraternaltwinz/Georgia Kid Konnect /Nigeria LONEgevity/Indiana Malaka 30/Ohio SlimBeat/Maryland/DC