The Beat Melee Battle #9 : T.I. and Krs One Tracks

What up producers? Let's first start off with last week's battle. Wow, the hate was in full swing. The whole idea was to challenge your skills. Props to everyone that submitted, and those that were chosen. Production encompasses many skills, and remixing is one of them. There are also times where an artist may request you to flip a particular sample for them, as Jay-Z did to 9th Wonder for "Threats." So it was not far fetched for us to ask that of you last week.With that being said and cleared up, originality is always a must. We do not look for something that sounds like Dr. Dre or any other producer. We can always copy the greats, but that does not make us great. The point is to add your own flavor to the tracks and to diverge from the original version, thus the term "Re-Mix."Comments were posted such as they sound like they sound like "Expired Milk," they are all "F**kin' Noisy," or simply, "They all suck d**k." That's all good, but those people who hated on contestants either didn't submit, or weren't chosen. Production takes time and effort, especially when it's more than just going into the beat stash and sending a couple off to the Beat Melee every week. To remix with a given sample and acapella is not easy. Thanks to all for the participation, chosen or not. If you're not selected, then do like some others have done. Post your myspace and say "Check mine out and give me feedback." This is all in fun.The winner in votes last week was SlimBeat from D.C. with a second place to LONEgevity and a third place trophy to Assassin Chief.Now, for the current Melee, T.I. and KRS ONE tracks. What can we really say except, this was another difficult challenge. Many of the submissions had perfect beats for T.I. but didn't capture the "Boom Bap" that The Teacher usually would rap over. Or one had the perfect gritty sample that KRS ONE would rock to, but didn't bring that Southern swag of T.I. That being explained, the picks of the week are below. Each T.I. track is first, with the Krs One track second.For next week, let's simplify things a bit. Just submit ONE SONG. Your absolute favorite track that you've produced. NOT just a beat, an actual song that someone has put lyrics to. As always, check out for the latest in music production news, interviews, and technical tips.Name: Raw PowerCommunity Name: Raw PowerHometown: Southside/ ChicagoMain weapon of choice: Roland Fantom X6Length in the game: 4yrsBrief Description of yourself: Im a triple threat artist from the southside of the Chi. I produce, Rap, and do graphic desgn. BeatKrs One BeatName: IntrigueCommunity Name: intrigue988Hometown: Dollar City (Washington, DC)Main weapon of choice: FL7, Adobe AuditionLength in the game: 4 yearsBrief Description of yourself: LuvMove OnName: ( Feel it all productions: Earl Shine & Deacon Steel)Community Name: (feelitall)Hometown: ( Greenville, Mississippi)Main weapon of choice: (God, Reason 3.0, Tracktion)Length in the game: ( 12+ years)Brief Description of yourself: (We are just some laid back people we just enjoy what we do. We have created hip hop, R&B, blues, rock, Pop, ect tracks creating tracks is the only thing that I can do without any rules we do it how we Hood ChampionNewhorns1235