The Beat Melee Battle: Final Farewell

Well producers, our time here is finished. The people at want to thank for allowing us to take up some space on their site for these last few months. We also want to send a shout out to all the producers, beat makers, and musicians that submitted tracks for the Beat Melee. It's not easy putting your talent out there for public scrutiny and criticism. If anything, you have taken the first step to being heard on a much larger scale. Take the criticisms you received during the battles, build on them, and become great.Shout out to all the Winners in the last twelve weeks.Week one : Dual OutputWeek two : Sha BeatzWeek three: Meta MaestroWeek four : VirusWeek five: Assassin the ChiefWeek six: Chuck LaWayneWeek seven: MaestroWeek eight: Slim BeatWeek nine: FeelitallWeek ten: Heckler House EntertainmentWeek eleven: Masque Anonymous Week twelve: IntrigueLook for future battles, news, technical tips, interviews, and industry submission opportunities on Email any suggestions or questions to and stay on your beat grind.