The Beat Melee: Champ Meets Challenger

AllHipHop Staff

What up beat bangers? Last

week's competition scorched up like a tar roof in Texas. The homies

Denada and Underground Lab Productionz went head up for the vacant title.

In the final tally, Denada took the belt under some public scrutiny.

Denada earns the title of "Casio Banger" for his first victory.

This week Denada returns to defend

the crown with some new tracks against a formidable opponent.

All comments and critiques are welcome. With those constructive

ideas, all producers and beatmakers can grow and perfect the craft.

Remember the criteria producers. Variety of tracks, arrangement,

and originality are key. Add some drops and changes to your beats.

A nice hook, a beat break, extra snare kick, or a change in melody can

mean the ultimate difference in selection.

Without further ado, let the battle

rage on.


Name: JRB the Producer 

Where you are from: Gresham/Britton's Neck, South Carolina 

Who is your favorite producer: Timbaland & Just Blaze

A description of your style of music:

I just want to add that most of my beats switch up almost the whole

way through so if you listen to "Never Rain on Me" & "Different

S**t" please if you can listen for a while. But I would simply

classify my music as "future Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Rock, Polka,

Trance, R &B, and Soul music"

The best way for someone to contact


"murder everything moving"

"never rain on me"

"on some different s**t"

Reigning Champion

Name: Denada 

Where you are from: Los Angeles/ Currently in Birmingham Alabama 

Who is your favorite producer: DJ Premier, Rza, Madlib, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Dilla, Flying Lotus, The Beatnuts, Beatminerz....etc 

A description of your style of music: Some head nod s**t 

The best way for someone to contact you: email ---

"Deadly Medley"

"So Slick"

"Herb Garden"

Use the custom poll to cast your

votes, but feel free to drop a comment or appropriate feedback. 

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