The Beat Melee: Denada Squeaks By, Facing New Battle

AllHipHop Staff

Welcome back to another week of's Beat Melee. Thanks to all of those offering constructive feedback, insightful discussion topics, and big ups to the contestants.

The homey Denada took some jabs last week for his sample heavy style but still came out on top with about 59 percent of the votes. JRB The Producer put up a great fight with an eclectic blend of sounds and ear jolting changes.

The staff does it's best to incorporate all forms of music into the battles. Hip-Hop music has changed forms so many times since it's beginning roots. Originally, rappers used a microphone to kick rhymes alongside a DJ who would spin disco instrumentals. Then DJs began to use smaller portions of the songs and loop them, which is where sampling began. With the expansion of technology and the money that Hip-Hop music could generate, some have switched over to a more keyboard based style of production. But it's all Hip-Hop. From Just Blaze, The RZA, or Primo, to Timbaland, Dr. Dre, or DJ Quik. There are 6 million ways to do it. If your head nods, that's the right one, whether you're using dusty 45s or FL Studio.

That being said... Denada earns the esteemed title of "16 Track Boarder" with his second straight victory. He's halfway home to "Immortal Trackster" status. Check the battle below, vote, and comment. Let the games begin!!!


Name: Ill Will The Champ (Drank King Productions)

Where you are from: Columbus, GA (C-Town)

Who is your favorite producer: GOD (The man upstairs be helping everybody make heat; we just vessels! Say I'm lying...)

A description of your style of music: Words are dangerous. If I say one style I may haphazardly speak into existence something that would restrict my growth as a musician... (Sorry to the reading impaired... that was the long a** way of saying NO COMMENT)

The best way for someone to contact you: or




Reigning Champion

Name: Denada

Where you are from: Los Angeles/ Currently in Birmingham Alabama

Who is your favorite producer: DJ Premier, Rza, Madlib, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Dilla, Flying Lotus, The Beatnuts, Beatminerz....etc

A description of your style of music: Some head nod s**t

The best way for someone to contact you:

email --- ..........

Rising Sun

The Soloist

The Joy

Use the custom Poll below to vote, but don't forget to also leave a comment.

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