The Beat Melee Returns!!: A New Challenge

What's up beatmakers? The week before last was a true Beat Melee. Everyone was fighting for the top spot that week. There were eleven competitors but probably about 20 submissions that could have made it. If your remix wasn't selected, you may have been right on the heels of being in that top eleven, so don't get discouraged. The tribute to B.I.G. was not necessarily about creating a track that B.I.G. or Preemo would have loved, but taking a familiar song and making it your own. It wasn't about mimicking the original or being "East" or any coast with your style. Shout to Thedisillusionist for totally changing up the game with his video game remix. With that being said, props to everyone, but after the final voting came in, Maestro was victorious with J-Gan coming in a very close second, and Longevity and Sixteenbars in a tie for third place. The comments, and the vibe, must have exhausted the producers/beatmakers because submissions were so sparse, there wasn't enough to post a beat battle for last week. So we took a week off to give everybody's key banging fingers and creative minds a rest.Now, on to this weeks Melee. We got smashed on the head for having "Coastal Bias." I'm not sure that's true, but it was taken into consideration. So, this week, we ventured off the East Coast, and on to the Mid West, and The West SYYYYDDEE!!. The assignment this week is to download the contents of the link below and make a classic remix. It contains "Cola Bottle Baby" by Edwin Birdsong, which was sampled by Daft Punk, and then re-sampled by Kanye West for "Stronger" and The acapella to "The Next Episode " by Dr. Dre. Featuring Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. Now, you DO NOT have to loop the sample, but your mix has to contain elements of the songs. Therefore you are free to take one shot off the record and play your own keys to add flavor to it. However, the acapella, and some elements of "Cola Bottle Baby" must be evident. The tasks are getting greater, and the real producers are emerging and rising to the occasion. Once again submissions go to up until Tuesday 12am Est. You must be a member of to compete and fill out the following form with your e-mail attachment. Good Luck and this message will self destruct in ten seconds. Name: ( The producer name you go by)Community Name: ( The username you login with)Hometown: ( Where you are reppin')Main weapon of choice: ( What is your main tool or equipment)Length in the game: ( How long you've been doing beats)Brief Description of yourself: ( No more than 4 sentences. You may include your myspace address, but no other promotional text)LINK TO DOWNLOAD't forget to check out for the latest in music production news, interviews, and more...