The Beat Melee: The Battle Begins!

AllHipHop Staff

Ok Beat-Making family. Thanks for all of your submissions. We received enough emails in the box to bang out about 10 classic albums. Let's all be great sports and appreciate the participants in today's Beat Melee. If you didn't get your heat up, maybe next week you'll torch up the reigning champion.

But in the spirit of competition, somebody has to be chosen, somebody has to win. Narrowing the overall field to only two producers was very difficult. There were many that fit the criteria set forth to be in the top two.

This week’s winner will move on to face another challenger next week. Good luck!

Contestant #1


Underground Lab Productionz

Where you are from:

Gainesville, GA

Who is your favorite producer:

RZA, Mannie, Curtis Mayfield, and Larry Smith(to name a few)

A description of your style of music:

Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock

The best way for someone to contact you:

Underground Lab Productionz


King Philip/President

"ULB Track 1":

"ULB Track 2":

"ULB Track 3":

Contestant #2



Where you are from:

Los Angeles/ Currently in Birmingham Alabama

Who is your favorite producer:

DJ Premier, Rza, Madlib, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Dilla, Flying Lotus, The Beatnuts, Beatminerz....etc

A description of your style of music:

Some head nod s**t

The best way for someone to contact you:

email --- ..........




Use the poll to vote for your favorite producer of the week, but also don't forget to drop a comment to explain the thought process behind your vote.

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